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  • For the passengers with reduced mobility we reserve seats, which facilitate their take on and off the aircraft, as well as their comfort during the flight. Booking these seats, and the seats of the accompanying persons is made without any additional charge.
  • Children and disabled passengers are not checked in the emergency exit areas.
  • Families with children below 2 years (babies) are checked-in in rows 1-5.
  • The personal wheelchair of the passenger is transported without adding it to the weight of the checked-in baggage. The passengers with wheelchairs are checked-in as all other passengers up to 90 minutes before departure at the check-in. Most of the airports offer them preferences while boarding.
  • Electric wheelchairs with dry batteries are transported, only provided that:
    • The connecting cable is disconnected from the battery
    • The battery poles are isolated
    • The battery is permanently installed on the wheelchair
  • Electric wheelchairs with liquid batteries are not transported on board the aircraft for security reasons.
  • A basic requirement for transportation of disabled passengers with hospital stretcher is to have Medical Clearance for Airworthiness (MEDA) by a consultant doctor and availability of required seat capacity (depending on the type of aircraft from 6 to 9 seats).
  • In principle the request for the medical stretcher should be made by the travel organization, insurance company, etc.
  • During the last four weeks of pregnancy (the rule is from the 35th week on), pregnant women ought not to travel by air. Prior to that term there are no special requirements or constraints.
  • Anyhow, we recommend consulting your doctor prior to the flight.


To avoid damage to health, we recommend that newborn infants under 14 days old are not carried on flights.
Children below 2 years (babies) travel on the lap of their parent/guardian or person accompanying them. They are not entitled to their own seat.
Children between the ages of 5 and 12 may be carried by the Airline without a person accompanying them provided that the Airline is notified in advance and the carriage of unaccompanied minors (UM) is confirmed by the Airline.
Children between the ages of 5 and 12 are also deemed to be unaccompanied if the person accompanying them is under the age of 16.
The name of the person collecting/looking after the child at the destination airport must be given at the check-in desk.
The parent/guardian or person looking after the child must wait at the airport until the departure of the aircraft.



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Bulgarian Air Charter Special Assistance
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