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Special needs

If you request any of the special needs mentioned below, please start with making your reservation online. Then cont ct DAT within completing the reservation . If there is availability pending on the limitations we have set we will co firm the special need for you.

It is required that these requests are made right after reservation completed. If your request cannot be confirmed  you will have the possibility to  cancel and have full refund of your ticket.

1 Infant

An infant is a passenger up to 2 years old. Infants can only travel with an adult and it is only allow ed to bring one infant per adult. Infant is to sit on the lap of the adult. The infant cannot occupy a seat of its own. The adult will receive a special extension belt for infants.

The seat belt is to be fastened when advised. On DAT flights is not allowed for the infant to use infant car seat during take -off and landing. DAT will allow a maximum of 3 infants per departure.

2 Unaccompanied Minor (UM)

UM are children from the age of five and until their 12th birthday travelling on DAT without a guardian (a person who has reached his/her 16th birthday). The number of UM`s onboard a flight is limited and regulate by Avinor / CAA. DAT applies the following rules:

Under five years of age:

Cannot trvavel alone. Must travel together with a person who has reached his 16th birthday. This results in one child ticket and one a dult ticket

From the age of five and until their 12th birthday:

Children from 5-13 can travel as unaccompanied minors. There will be personnel taking care of the child from check-in on to meeting with a pre-agreed adult at the destination. On all DAT flights there is a fixed individual UM rate.

In order to book tickets for children travelling alone with assistance required or maybe just requested please contact DAT on the phone number indicated under. These tickets cannot be ordered online and are subject to availability due to a limited acceptance of unaccompanied minors per departure.

Please note that children traveling as unaccompanied minors are to check in no later than 1 hour prior to scheduled departure. At check in you are to fill out a form about the child with contact details both for the child and for the person sending – and the person picking up the child on arrival. The child will carry a copy of the completed form during the entire travel period.

Download form here.  

From their 12th birthday:

As from the age of    12 the child can travel alone but is to pay the available adult rate – youth tickets are the best buy. If required it is also possible to book an UM ticket for children up to the age of 15.

3 Electric wheelchair

We accept electrical wheelchairs that are approved for air transport. Please contact DAT on +45 76 92 3040 for further information

4 Expecting mothers

We have the following rules for pregnant travelers: 0-34 weeks: No restrictions

35-37 weeks: Must present doctor’s certificate that you are well enough to fly

From the 38th week : Not possible to travel on DAT

For further information, please contact your local airport, or send an email to rute@dat.dk, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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