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If you need special assistance in connection with your journey, it’s important to prepare yourself before the departure.
Wheelchair in airport

If you need special assistance in connection with your flight, we are ready to help you. We also offer accompaniment assistance for children traveling alone.
In order for Jet Time to be able to provide the necessary assistance, please contact your travel agent no later than 48 hours before departure. The agent will then make a remark on your ticket with notes of what kind of assistance you require.

In the case of tickets booked later than 48 hours before departure, we will strive to be as helpful as possible, but cannot guarantee assistance.

Assistance for children travelling alone

Assistance for children travelling alone

Passengers between five and eleven years old must have Unaccompanied Minor Service from Jet Time, if not accompanied by an adult who is minimum sixteen years old.

You order Unaccompanied Minor Service via the tour operator. Please note that there is an upper limit on the number of children travelling unaccompanied on each flight. You should therefore order the service in good time, minimum two working days before the flight.

Unaccompanied Minor Service document
Parents or other persons with parental authority over the child must complete a child escort document before departure. This contains the child’s personal information, itinerary and the name of the person collecting the child at the destination. This document must be signed at the airport by the parent/guardian, who must also present a valid ID. The document is available upon check-in and accompanies the child throughout the trip.

Check-in, travel and arrival
Check-in for children travelling alone must be completed 45 minutes before departure time. Please take note of busy periods, where there may be queues at check-in. The parent or relative must help the child to check in and drop off baggage, and is expected to remain at the airport until the plane is airborne.

At Helsinki-Vantaa airport the parent (or relative) is allowed to follow the child to the gate. Remember to have a passport or valid national ID card with you. At other airports, the child is helped by a official assistant through the security checkpoint, to the gate and board the plane. Then a cabin crew member helps the child to get seated and feel comfortable, and keeps an eye on the child for the entire flight.

Upon arrival, the child will be helped off the plane, get help to pick up the baggage and followed through customs and passport control. The child is then handed to the person listed in the accompanying document upon presentation of valid ID.

If there is a delay or any other unforeseen event en route, the child will get special attention and care. Jet Time makes sure that parents or guardians are informed about any changes in the journey, and the child is never left unattended.

Reduced mobility

Jet Time is more than happy to help passengers who, for one reason or another, have difficulties getting to and from the aircraft without assistance.

Wheelchair assistance
We offer wheelchair assistance at all airports, free of charge. In order to guarantee that you get the necessary assistance, please contact the travel agency at least 48 hours before departure, so the need for a wheelchair is listed on the ticket. For bookings later than 48 hours before departure, we will strive to help as much as possible, but cannot guarantee assistance.

There is no charge for bringing your own folding wheelchair. Please note, however, that this must be delivered along with your other baggage at check-in.

Battery-powered wheelchair, a mobility scooter or other large mobility aid
If you are travelling with a battery-powered wheelchair, a mobility scooter or other larger mobility aids, you have to contact the Jet Time Passenger Service before departure. The wheelchair may not be higher than 89 cm due to cargo door size. If the backrest is higher than that, you or your assistant must uninstall it.

Please note:

  • There are restrictions to which type of mobility scooters you may bring.
  • There are restrictions regarding lithium batteries.

Walker assistance
Passengers can bring their walker right up to the gate from where it will be placed in the cargo hold. The walker will be returned to you on arrival, along with your baggage. If you have considerable difficulty walking without your walker, you should consider whether you instead need wheelchair assistance upon arrival.

General assistance on board
For good measure, we draw attention to the fact that Jet Time’s crew is not authorised to:

  • Lift or carry passengers
  • Provide passenger assistance in the toilet
  • Help passengers with eating meals
  • Manage passengers’ medication or otherwise supervise the ingestion of medication

Protecting your wheelchair or Walker
We recommend that you rent a special bag to protect checked-in wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility aids, as these can otherwise get damaged during the flight. Jet Time does not replace damaged mobility aids and special baggage that has not been packed in a protective bag from Airshells.

Jet Time has a special agreement with Airshells that gives our passengers a 5% discount on protective cases for special baggage such as pushchairs and prams.

Travelling with a lung disease

Any lung disease can be a very serious diagnosis in association with flight, and its significance must not be underestimated.

Despite the fact that aircraft have pressurised cabins, the oxygen pressure in the passengers’ lungs is greatly reduced during flight, which is why passengers with COPD, in particular, may need extra oxygen during the flight. This can occur even if you have never previously needed supplementary oxygen.

Before your travel
If you have a lung disease – regardless of the stage – you must have authorisation from Jet Time to fly with us. Contact Jet Time’s Passenger Service, so we can assist in evaluating the information we need in your specific case to be able to approve your trip.

In most cases, we will ask you to submit a Medical Information Form (MEDIF) completed, signed and stamped by your doctor or pulmonary specialist.

You will normally receive an acceptance from us – or information about any conditions – soon after we have received the completed MEDIF form. If your own doctor/GP deems that you may need oxygen on board, you have to bring it yourself for both out- and homebound flights.

Need for extra oxygen on board

Oxygen pressure in the lungs is reduced significantly during a flight, and this means some passengers experience a need for extra oxygen en route.

This applies especially to travellers with lung, heart and/or breathing problems. Jet Time does have extra oxygen cylinders on board, but these are intended for in-flight emergencies.

Passengers suffering from a disease that means they are likely to require extra oxygen during the flight must therefore bring oxygen for both the outward and return journey. Please note that you must carry enough oxygen to last the whole flight, and an additional 50 per cent.

By prior arrangement with Jet Time, you can bring your own oxygen cylinder. Alternatively, you can obtain an oxygen cylinder via the Time Passenger Service, preferably 14 days prior to departure.

In both cases, a completed Medical Information Formula MEDIF form is a requirement.

Oxygen concentrator
Jet Time recommends that you carry an oxygen concentrator rather than oxygen cylinders. Please contact your general practitioner/doctor or hospital directly for more information and booking for travel.

Benefits of an oxygen concentrator:

  • Does not take up more space than a camera bag and is easy to carry in the cabin
  • Weighs approx. 5 kg
  • Can provide oxygen for up to 8 hours
  • Uses rechargeable batteries (note that Jet Time requires a charge equal to the total flight time + 50 per cent)

Medical Information Form

Here you can download Jet Time’s MEDIF.




You can fly with Jet Time without any problems even if you are pregnant. For safety reasons, Jet Time has the following rules in relation to pregnant passengers:

Pregnancy with one child:

  • Pregnant women can fly with no special restrictions up to and including the 35th week of pregnancy
  • Pregnant women can take flights of up to 4 hours duration if they are in the 36th and 37th weeks of pregnancy, but it is mandatory to bring a medical certificate
  • Women in the 38th week of their pregnancy, or more, are not accepted on board

Pregnancy with more than one child:

  • Pregnant women can fly with no special restrictions up to and including the 28th week of pregnancy
  • If flying between week 28 and 32 it is mandatory to bring a medical certificate
  • Women in the 32th week of their pregnancy, or more, are not accepted on board

Medical certificate
It is normally not necessary for pregnant women to carry a medical certificate on Jet Time flights, but we recommend that you bring your medical records where your pregnancy weeks are shown.

In cases where a medical certificate is required, it must be issued as close as possible to departure.

Travels to Turkey
Pregnant women travelling to Turkey must always bring their medical records confirming the actual week of pregnancy.

Groups with Special Needs

Groups with Special Needs

If you are a big group traveling together or a smaller group with special needs, it is a very good idea to contact Jet Time Passenger Service before departure.

Big groups traveling together should contact Jet Time’s Passenger Service for seating and handling of extra baggage.

This is also valid for a smaller group with special needs who e.g. has need for assistance at the airports or who wishes to bring medical equipment on their trip.

Contact Passenger Service

Contact Passenger Service

If you have questions about your travel with Jet Time, please read first our FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.


If you cannot find an answer to your question there, please contact Passenger Service:

Email:                 passagerservice@jet-time.dk
Phone:              +45 32 46 73 17

The phones are open on Danish working days from 09.00 – 14.00 (Central European Time).


Bagage issues
If you have a delayed or damaged luggage, please email to: bagage@jet-time.dk

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