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Aigle Azur offers a high quality service for all of the airline’s passengers.

Before your departure, check out all the services aimed at babies, minors and pregnant women to make sure your journey is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

We reming you that it is necessary to consul a doctor in order to check if you can travel by plane, especially if :
– your are pregnant
– you have a disease
– you have been recently vous avez été récemment hospitalized
– you follow a medical treatment
– your suffer of venous insufficiency


Travelling with your family? Looking after our youngest passengers is one of Aigle Azur’s priorities.

There are two tariffs applicable:
– the baby tariff for children under the age of 2 (as accredited by the identity document)
– the child tariff for those over the age of 2.

Please remember: 
– a child is considered to be a “baby” up until the day before his or her second birthday. We can accept babies provided that they are at least one week old.
– if the baby reaches his or her second birthday during the stay, a flat rate will be applied on the return flight (depending on the destination and the booked class), a seat will be automatically assigned. Your booking must be done by the Call Center. 
– only one baby per passenger is allowed and the accompanying adult must be aged at least 18.
– one changing bag with the baby’s necessary for the journey is allowed in the cabin.
– ​The total hold baggage allowance for babies is 10 kg.

The baby must be placed on the accompanying adult’s knees, subject to the availability of belts for babies, and a 90% reduction will be applied to the tariff for the ticket.

The new law which has now come into force states that a baby must have his or her own identity document, i.e. either a national identity card or a French passport.


If you’re pregnant and wish to travel with us. No problem!

We accept women who are up to seven months pregnant, or even more upon presentation of a medical certificate.

Please let us know how far advanced your pregnancy is when you book your flight.
Pregnant women must show a medical certificate of good health stating that there are no reasons not to make the journey at check-in.
It must have been drawn up by a GP no more than four days before the date of the journey, from the seventh to the eighth months of pregnancy.

Please note: the procedure is the same for the return flight.
– Up to the 7th month of pregnancy: pregnant women may travel with no restrictions or additional formalities.
– After the seventh month of pregnancy: when checking in, pregnant women must provide a medical certificate stating that there are no medical reasons not to make the journey. The aforesaid medical certificate must have been drawn up at least seventy-two (72) hours before the day of departure. Failing this, the pregnant woman will automatically not be allowed to board by the airline.
– After the eighth month of pregnancy: pregnant women will not be allowed on board the aircraft under any circumstances.

If there is any doubt about how long the pregnancy has lasted, the airline may call upon the doctor in attendance at the airport.


Aigle Azur has introduced a series of services designed to make travelling easier for people who require assistance and to offer them the greatest possible comfort.

Passengers with reduced mobility:

– You must let us know about your disability when you book your flight
– Let us know about your need for assistance at least 72 working hours before the departure time, by mail at : or by phone +33 810 797 997 (€0.06/min + price for call) or +351 213 513 260.
Aigle Azur takes great care over the travel conditions for its passengers and the airline will consult its own doctor in order to accept or decline any request to board a flight by a passenger who is unwell, on safety grounds (e.g. incompatibility relating to the layout of the aircraft).
Please note that the airline cannot accept oxygen cylinders
– The time limits at the check-in is added from 30 minutes (1h30 + 30mn). This extra time doesn’t appear on the ticket or on the memo of the passenger.
– If the request is not made or validated before the departure day, the passenger will be refused on the flight. The decision to let the passenger travel is up to the Station Manager.

Passengers with no mobility:

– Passengers who need wheelchairs to move around must be accompanied by another passenger.
Of the various kinds of motorised wheelchair, only those with dry batteries may travel on board the airline’s aircraft if they are protected against short-circuits: either the wheelchair must be equipped with a circuit breaker or the terminals insulated with adhesive tape.
The batteries must firmly be fastened to the wheelchair and must meet the following conditions:

  • if the wheelchair requires two batteries to function, they must not exceed 160 Wh each,
  • if the wheelchair requires one battery to function, it must not exceed 300 Wh.

No replacement battery is permitted unless the wheelchair and batteries are designed to be separated, in which case the passenger must travel with the battery or batteries in the cabin, having firstly insulated the terminals with adhesive and placed the battery or batteries in a suitable container such as their original packaging. He may then carry either:

  • two spare batteries not exceeding 160 Wh each (four batteries in total), or
  • one spare battery not exceeding 300 Wh (two batteries in total).

Transportation of batteries exceeding 300 Wh is prohibited in the cabin and in the hold.

Wheelchair requests must be made when booking your journey, at least 72 hours before your flight’s departure time, by filling in a medical information form called the INCAD : download the form. Once this period of time has elapsed, the airline will no longer be able to guarantee that you will be taken care of by the airport assistance company.
– Send the form at :
Please note that the number of transportable wheelchairs available is limited, which means that we do not confirm all requests automatically and we recommend that non-mobile passengers should bring their own wheelchairs with them.

Blind passengers:

A blind person travelling alone requires an escort from check-in through to boarding, and also upon arrival at the destination airport. This person may be assisted by airport staff free of charge. A blind passenger may be accompanied by a guide dog in the cabin. The dog must travel at his or her owner’s feet and must remain muzzled, at the same time complying with the health formalities of the destination country.

Passengers with mental disabilities:

In order to ensure optimum safety, people suffering from a mental disability must have their fitness to travel confirmed by a medical certificate and be accompanied by another passenger. This person may then be assisted by airport staff free of charge.

Passengers with hearing and speech impairments:

A deaf or dumb person travelling alone requires an escort from check-in through to boarding, and also upon arrival at the destination airport. This person may then be assisted by airport staff free of charge.


Aigle Azur allows passagers with a high body mass to travel more comfortably, according to your requirements, by booking an extra seat.

You’ll get a 25% reduction on the second seat (on the ex-tax price of the ticket). If there are any seats left on the day of your departure, Aigle Azur will refund the price paid to book a second seat in full.

Please remember:
– The passenger must be able to attach, do up and wear the safety belt properly, with an extension if necessary, when the panel on the safety belt is lit
– The passenger must be able to remain seated with the seat’s arm-rest(s) down throughout the flight
– The width of the seats between the two arm-rests is 45 cm in Economy Class, which matches a waist size of approximately 135 cm. Any customer whose waist size is larger than this will be advised to purchase a second seat

If you feel like the following conditions don’t allow you to travel comfortably and in safety, we invit you to contact our Central Booking Office on the following numbers:
– From France: 0810 797 997 (Service 0,06€/min + price of a call)
– From Algeria: + (213) (0) 21 749 333
– From Portugal: 808 500 997
– From other countries: + 351 213 513 260
From 8.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays.

Requesting a refund if the aircraft isn’t full:
You can send a letter within 15 days, together with your boarding cards, to the airline’s customer service department.


Aigle Azur offers a variety of different meals and considers all of its passengers’ dietary requirements, so there is something to suit all tastes.

– Meals with no added salt
– Gluten-free meals
– Diabetic meals
– Vegetarian meals
– Vegan meals

N.B : Special meals are not available on flights from Lille (with the exception of vegetarian and vegan meals) and across the Portugal network.

If you need any of these special meals, the order must be placed with our Central Booking Office on 0810 797 997 (€0.06/min + price for call) or + 351 213 513 260 or your travel agent, no later than 48 hours before the flight’s departure.


If you’d like to take your pet with you when you travel


You can save time with our new online service!
You can book a place for your pet (dog or cat) either in the hold or in the cabin either when you purchase your air ticket or later on, in the “Manage my reservation” section.

Please remember:
– only dogs and cats are accepted
– the animal must be at least 12 weeks old
– only one pet per passenger is allowed
– the following dog breeds are not allowed on our flights: pit-bull, Boer-bull, Tosa, Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire terrier and Rottweiler
– animals are accepted in the baggage compartment in cages only, up to 75 kg cage included
Pets travelling in the hold:
Depending on the length of the flight and subject to availability, pets (dogs or cats) may travel in the hold. You can book your pet’s ticket either on our website or by telephoning 0810 797 997 (€0.06/min + price for call).

  • Algeria / Portugal : 70€ per flight
  • Senegal / Mali / Guinea : not allowed
  • Lebanon : not allowed

Pets travelling in the cabin:
Subject to current formalities, only small pets (dogs or cats) are accepted in the cabin and under certain conditions: The animal must weigh less than 5 kg and must travel in a sealed, accredited bag allowing it to breathe. The bag is not supplied by the airline. You can book your pet’s ticket either online or by telephoning 0810 797 997 (€0.06/min + price for call). If your pet does not travel with you, the purchase of this extra service is refundable (even for a non-refundable ticket) except in the case of no-show on your flight. In this case, the option is reusable on a future Aigle Azur flight for a period of one year from its date of issue.

Special cases:

Guide dogs travel free of charge alongside their owners in the cabin, and must be muzzled.

We recommend that you inform the airline when you book and that you also find out about any specific formalities in the destination country (vaccinations, tattoos, etc.) Please make sure that you bring your pet’s health record book with you. Your pet may have to go into quarantine depending upon the circumstances and the destination. Please be careful and do not import any protected animal species!


If you have any question, our teams are at your entire disposal.





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