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Pregnant women

Air Austral is pleased to welcome you aboard. You can completely travel during your pregnancy. Here are some recommendations for your travel preparation. We’ll ensure of your health and comfort..

The pregnancy is not a contraindication in the journey. You can travel until quite late into your pregnancy :up to the end of the 8th month (34th week).

During your booking, please inform our Air Austral agents about your pregnancy . They will provide you all useful information.

Ask to your doctor a health certificate indicating the estimated date of delivery. Air Austral reserves the right to request this certificate during check-in.

All these conditions are valid for a pregnancy without complications. In every case, ask advice from your doctor or your midwife.

Disability assistance

Air Austral assists you throughout your journey. Booking, dedicated services, airport, aircraft… all information to help you crossing the airport as simply as possible.


During booking let us know how we can help you.

It’s advised to prepare your journey in advance to be sure that the assistance you need is available.

For safety and operational reasons, the number of travellers with a disability can be limited on some aircrafts. It depends on the type of aircraft and the kind of disability too.

Help us to provide you the most appropriate service

Let us know your needs, at least 7 days and at the lastest 48h before your flight departure : 0825 013 012 (0.15€TTC/min).

Specify your needs in order to enable our staff to confirm you the availibility of necessary means to ensure of your comfort and health during your travel : feel free to give us as much details as possible.

Mobility equipment : before your travel, make sure that your equipment is insured by your travel insurance.


Since july 28th 2008, it is the responsibility of the airport operators to assist any traveller with a disability since his arrival at the airport, at a designated point, up to his seat aboard the aircraft.

It concerns all causes of disability : age, impairment, intellectual disability,…

This assistance is free of charge for the traveller.

Air Austral should provide the airport operator with advance information so that the appropriate service can be offered.To enable Air Austral agents to pass your request to them, please contact us 48 hours in advance.

This time limit is the minimum required to enable us to inform the airport operator and confirm availability of appropriate means.

Travelling with pet

The safety and well-being of your pet is important to us. Don’t be afraid of going on holiday with your small companion.


At the moment of booking, let us know that your pet will accompany you. For any booking on, please contact our Air Austral call-centre: 0825 013 012 (0.15€TTC/min)

In order to confirm his presence on the flight, contact our call centre at the latest 72 hours before your departure.

Remember to identify the container with the pets name and your contact information.


Only dogs and cats, weighting less than 5 kg, can be transported in cabin. Assistance dog are welcome too.

Any other kind of animal will be carried in hold : subject to prior clearance by Air Austral.

During the flight, the animal is not authorized to go out of its cage.


It is compulsory for cats and dogs weithghting more than 5kg.

The hold is pressurized and ventilated.

The total weight, animal and container, is included in the baggage allowance.

In case of excess, the fare will be applied per additional kg : Excess baggage fees.


Poisonous or venomous animals, and animals with an infectious disease that may pose threat to humans, are not permitted to travel on air Austral flights.

Transport of dogs : 1st and 2nd categories

Dogs of 1st (attack) and 2nd (guarding and defense) categories: big dogs of type mastiff, defined by a massive and thick body, a strong skeleton and a thick neck.

Air Austral does not transport dogs of 1st and 2nd categories. This also concern owners of dogs classified as category 2 with a prefectoral derogation .


In hold

For safety reasons, pets must be carried in a regulatory container which is specially designed for air transport.

Regulatory container

Whether your pet is travelling as checked-baggage or as cargo they will be carried in hold : pressurized and ventilated.

Air Austral Cargo to consult the requirements.

The container must be large enough for the animal(s) to stand, turn around, and lie down. It must be ventilated and have a secure all around locking system.

Air Austral recommends containers made by “SkyKennel” as they meet all of the standards for pets carriage:

  • Sky Kennel Type 100 Size : 54 x 41 x 39 cm
  • Sky Kennel Type 200 Size : 69 x 51 x 49 cm
  • Sky Kennel Type 300 Size : 82 x 56 x 59 cm
  • Sky Kennel Type 400 Size : 92 x 61 x 66 cm
  • Sky Kennel Type 500 Size : 102 x 69 x 67 cm

Remember to identify the container with the pets name and your contact information.



  • Dogs and cats under the age of 4 months are not accepted to transport : they are not vaccinated yet;
  • It is your responsability to maintain updated the health documents of your pet
  • “Authorization form” for transport of pet in cabin must be completed and signed;
  • your pet must be carried in a regulatory container which is specially designed for air transport; ;
  • aboard, your pet is not allowed to leave his container.

Remember to check regulations depending your country of destination.


  • The company disclaims all liability in case of loss, wound, disease or death of the animal, caused by a change of climate, temperature, height or turbulence during flight and treatment in Stopover
  • the animal must be transported in a container respecting the weight and the size of the animal ;
  • otherwise the animal will not be accepted if it is transported in a not approved container.


Departing from France

To Reunion, Australia, carriage of live animals is not accepted by Air Austral.

Departing from Reunion

To Australia, and Thailand, carriage of live animals is not accepted by Air Austral.

To Mayotte, Mauritius, South Africa, Comoros, Madgascar, Seychelles and France, pets are accepted for carriage only by cargo : subject to clearance of Air Austral.

For safety reasons, pets must be carried in a regulatory container which is specially designed for air transport.

Transfers of live animals between airlines is not allowed except for :

  • Dogs and cats carried as cargo shipment;
  • Dogs and cats carried as checked-baggage.


  • Check with a veterinarian to be sure that your pet is fit to travel;
  • Give the animal a drink within the two hours before you check in with him;
  • A veterinarian should decide if a tranquilizer should be prescribed for your pet;
  • Pets are less stressed when they become accustomed to their shipping container before they travel : keep also with them personal items;
  • Renforcez votre cage à l’aide de scotch brun ou liens de type “colson”
  • Remember to identify the container with the pets name and your contact information.

Important : For travels to former English colonies as Mauritius, Seychelles or Johannesburg, very strict rules concerning the transport of animals are effective. Please inquire at the moment of booking.


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