Passenger assistance

Conditions of carriage for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility

These provisions are in compliance with the EC Regulation n ° 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 July 2006 on the conditions of carriage of persons with disabilities and reduced mobility during air travel.


You are a disabled person or a disabled person and you need special assistance during transport and at the airport: inform us at the time of your reservation and at the latest 48 hours before the published departure time of your flight.

For transporting mobility equipment such as a wheelchair, guide dogs or assistance dogs, a femoral prosthesis …, inform Corsair at the time of booking and at the latest 48 hours before the published departure time of your flight.

In addition, when traveling with a guide dog or helper, you must ensure that it complies with the sanitary requirements of the country of departure and destination, as well as the identification of the latter: plate, harness …

For more information regarding the conditions of carriage for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility, please consult our guide.

Download the guide for people with special needs.

Guide for people with special needs.pdf 267.38 kb

Restrictions on transportation and need to travel with an accompanying person

The compulsory presence of an accompanying person during the journey

Corsair may refuse transportation to persons with disabilities or persons with reduced mobility for reasons related to safety requirements or if the doors of the aircraft make it impossible for disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility to access it.

Corsair requires an attendant to provide assistance and meet applicable safety requirements.

Traveling with an accompanying person is compulsory in the following cases:

  • No one can understand and apply safety measures.
  • No one can participate physically in his own evacuation.

The recommended presence of an accompanying person during the journey

The assistance provided by Corsair on board does not include:

  • Help with meals and drinks.
  • Help in sanitation.
  • Medical assistance: taking medication …
  • The transfer of the seat to the wheelchair on board.

If you need assistance of this type, Corsair recommends that you travel with an attendant who can provide you with this type of assistance.

Seat allocation

Access to certain seats may be denied to persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility in order to comply with applicable aviation safety requirements.

Access restrictions include:

  • The seats on the upper deck of the Boeing B747 are not accessible to persons who can not climb or descend stairs alone.
  • Seats located near emergency exits.

Luggage and transport of mobility equipment

In addition to the baggage allowance, Corsair can transport two mobility equipment – a wheelchair, a walker – as well as medical equipment free of charge, provided that there is sufficient space on board the aircraft and, Enforcement of hazardous materials legislation.


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