Unaccompanied Families and Children

Air Corsica offers specific assistance and support services to facilitate the travel of families, children and pregnant women. Plan your trip in complete tranquility.

Traveling with a baby

Your baby (under 2 years) travels free of charge on your lap in metropolitan France and benefits from a discount on international flights.
For your comfort and yours, you can also choose to reserve a seat for him. Your baby then benefits from the child rate.
To benefit from our services and make your flight more enjoyable, please notify us when you book with a baby.

Accompaniment of a baby

During the journey, a baby must always be accompanied by a major autonomous passenger *.
A passenger can accompany only one baby. The presence of a 2nd major companion * is therefore necessary to travel with 2 babies.
* Exception: the attendant may be under 18 years of age for the father, mother or legal guardian.

Priority boarding

Families traveling with a baby are given priority boarding.

Practical advice

Before departure, make sure that your child has all the documents required by the police, customs and immigration authorities of the country of destination.
It is not advisable to travel with a baby within 7 days of birth.
When taking off and landing, give your baby a pacifier, a bottle, a lollipop or a biscuit that will prevent him from feeling discomfort to the eardrums.

A specific baggage allowance

If you are traveling with your baby who does not have his own seat and travels on his lap, you can register for him free a luggage in cabin up to 10 kg, the dimensions of which do not exceed 55cm x 35cm x 25cm and a small cane stroller Whose dimensions do not exceed 15cm x 30cm x 100cm. In the hold, the baby can also carry 1 luggage of 10 kg free of charge as well as a car seat or pram or foldable pram.

If you have reserved a seat for your baby (child rate), you have the standard baggage allowance allowed and you have the right to take the car seat with a maximum width of 42 cm that can fit between the armrests of the seat Of the airplane and visibly bearing the approval mark of the European Union.


You can carry a stroller free of charge for your child. A cane stroller, the dimensions of which do not exceed 15 cm x 30 cm x 100 cm, can be accepted in the cabin subject to availability in the luggage compartments. You can also keep the stroller that has been labeled during registration (green label), to the aircraft door and hand it over to our staff, who will take care of placing it in the hold. At the arrival of your flight, you will recover it with your luggage.


Children* must be accompanied by a major independent adult. However, the accompanying person may be under 18 years of age for the father, mother or legal guardian.

*Up to 12 years for flights in metropolitan France and from / to DOM-TOM and 15 years on international flights.


Traveling Pregnant

Voyager enceinte à bord d'Air Corsica

Are you waiting for a happy event? This does not stop you from traveling!
Here is some information and tips to prepare your trip smoothly.

Is there a medical agreement?

Pregnant women are accepted on Air Corsica flights without medical agreement. However, they are advised to seek the advice of their doctor.


The trip is not recommended:

  • Within 7 days of delivery
  • To newborns during the first 7 days after birth.

Tips for your trip

  • Choose loose and comfortable clothes.
  • Wear tights to restrain blood circulation.
  • To facilitate your travel in the cabin, reserve a place on the corridor side, you will be able to rise more easily.
  • Drink regularly, but avoid soft drinks.
  • Avoid meals too rich.
  • Attach the seat belt under the abdomen, in the pelvic area.
  • Avoid traveling during the last month of pregnancy, as well as during the 7 days following your delivery

Passengers with peculiarities


Air Corsica has always provided assistance to people with reduced mobility on all its flights with the help of SAPHIR AF, the medical assistance service of Air France. Air Corsica also has its own medical assistance service: the MEDA service.

In order to provide a personalized response to the specific needs of people with reduced mobility, Air Corsica and the MEDA service have set up a range of services to facilitate your journey.

In accordance with the definition of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 July 2006, the MEDA assistance service is aimed at persons “whose mobility is reduced during the use of a transport because of any disability (Permanent or temporary sensory or motor) or any intellectual disability or impairment, or any other cause of disability or age, and the situation of which requires appropriate attention and adaptation to The provision of all passengers “.

Before requesting assistance from our MEDA service on 0809 10 11 30 * or from your travel agency, we invite you to consult the information about the nature of your disability.

To note
Some Air Corsica flights can be made by our partner airlines. In this case, it is the rules of the partner company that apply. It is therefore possible that we are not in a position to confirm the requested assistance. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our MEDA service.

* Cost of a local call from a landline

At the airport

The assistance

Depending on the nature of your disability or disability, specific assistance under the responsibility of airport managers and in accordance with European Regulation 1107/2006 is provided at all airports in the European Union. It allows:

About us

  • Check-in and luggage and mobility equipment
  • Getting to the plane
  • Boarding and boarding
  • Leaving the plane
  • To collect your luggage and mobility equipment
  • Leave the airport.
  • Recording

Air Corsica advises you to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the departure time of your flight in order to organize as much as possible the assistance you need.

To facilitate your orientation and save you time, signage has been set up in some airports.
Moreover, thanks to specially designed queues for people with reduced mobility, your waiting time will be reduced to the registration and to the passage of the various formalities (police, security, etc.).

You must check-in at the airport, at the check-in desk, for assistance.

Your luggage

In addition to the baggage allowance associated with your ticket, you can also carry for free in the hold:

  • Two personal mobility devices (armchair, electric scooter, gyroporteur, etc.),
  • Additional baggage, the maximum weight of which is the same as the deductible shown on your ticket, to transport your medical equipment.
  • In the cabin you are allowed to carry hand luggage with a maximum weight of 12 kg and dimensions exceeding 55 x 35 x 25 cm (limited to 8 kg on the ATR72).

Your luggage is picked up at check-in. A specific label is affixed to facilitate its identification.

Priority Boarding

If you are traveling in an armchair or if you have requested individual assistance, a pre-boarding is offered to you wherever possible.

This priority embarkation allows you to settle down serenely before the arrival of the other passengers and to be welcomed individually by the flight attendants who will give you the useful information so that your flight takes place in the best conditions of safety and comfort.


If you are connecting and your two flights arrive and depart from the same airport, assistance is also provided.


For more serenity, we ask you to leave the plane after the other passengers.

Installation on board

To facilitate the installation of some people with disabilities or with reduced mobility, most seats are equipped with liftable side armrests.

Apart from the seats directly located at emergency exits, you have the free choice of your seat.

Other situations

Certain handicaps or pathologies may require a special preparation or require the presence of a companion:

  • Big size passenger
  • Passenger with immobilized lower limb
  • Shell or other specific equipment

In order to transport you under optimal conditions a preliminary study to the transport must be carried out. We therefore recommend you to inform us as soon as you reserve and imperatively at least 48 hours before your departure.

You also have the possibility to travel free with a service dog (ESAN – Emotional Support Animal) in cabin subject to the same conditions as guide dogs:

For the transport in the cab of a service dog, a medical certificate dating from less than one year is compulsory.

They must respect all health requirements of the countries of departure, arrival and / or correspondence,
They must be identified by a plate or harness. Failing that, you must be able to provide proof (including credible verbal assurance) of the certification and use of the animal,
They can travel non-muzzled,
They must remain permanently attached,
They must not obstruct the aisles,
Their behavior must be irreproachable in all circumstances,
A seat offering as much space as possible will be offered, but your dog will not be able to occupy a seat. Emergency exits are prohibited.
Please inform us that your service dog is being transported at least 48 hours before your departure. This will allow us to inform you of all the conditions of transport.

Before your trip


For the safety of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility, an attendant may be required by Air Corsica. Its only role is to assist them in the event of an emergency situation, and especially in case of evacuation of the aircraft. It is compulsory only in the following cases:

  • A person with a severe intellectual disability who is unable to understand and apply security measures,
  • Blind and deaf, unable to have any communication with the crew
  • A person suffering from a motor handicap that does not allow him to participate physically in his own evacuation. Most paraplegic persons and paralyzed persons or without a higher limb can therefore travel without a companion. On the other hand, for most people with quadriplegia, a companion is compulsory.
  • A child with a disability or a mobility impairment may travel alone, as an unaccompanied child (UM):
  • If he can contribute physically to his own evacuation,
  • If it is able to understand and apply the security measures.

The accompanying person must meet the following conditions:

Being and independence *,
Do not take care of a person with a disability or reduced mobility at the same time as a child under 4 years of age (on flights in France), a child under 5 years of age (on international flights ), Or another person with a disability or reduced mobility **.
* Except in special cases. For more information, please contact our MEDA service.
** Except in the case of derogation. To know the conditions of derogation, inquire at the time of your reservation.

Medical Agreement:
In most cases, no medical agreement is necessary to travel with Air Corsica. Without the need for a medical agreement, Air Corsica recommends that you contact your physician to determine if you are able to fly in the following situations:

  • pregnancy,
  • Recent operation,
  • Plastered member.

A medical agreement issued by the Medical Service of Air Corsica is compulsory only in the following cases:
Transportation on stretcher or incubator,

  • Oxygen supply request with a flow rate greater than 2 liters / minute,
  • Passengers whose health status may require unusual medical assistance during flight *,
  • Passengers suffering from a contagious disease *.

* In these cases, a recent medical certificate from your attending physician or a doctor’s certificate from the airport is accepted.

If any of these cases concern you, please consult your doctor before traveling. To obtain the agreement of the Medical Service of Air Corsica, please contact our medical assistance service MEDA at 0809.10.11.30 *.

* Cost of a local call from a landline

Intellectual disability

All reservations must be made at the latest 48 hours before departure at our MEDA medical assistance service at 0809.10.11.30 *

Air Corsica allows a large majority of people with intellectual disabilities to travel alone. They must be able to understand and apply safety measures. We strongly recommend that you do not overestimate the ability of a disabled person to cope with all the characteristics of an airplane trip (police formalities, routes, customs, etc.)

In the contrary case, the transport must be done with an accompanying person.

On board, it is strongly recommended to inform us about the journey of an intellectually handicapped person and the type of assistance that will be needed. This assistance does not include:

  • Aid for food or medication
  • Assistance in the toilet
  • Or any other personal assistance

* Cost of a local call from a landline

Physical disability

Any person suffering from a motor handicap, not allowing him to participate physically in his own evacuation, will have to travel with a companion, major and valid.

Your wheelchair or reduced mobility equipment
Air Corsica carries free personal or manual mobility chairs or equipment. There is no size or weight limit. However, our fleet does not allow the loading of some heavy or bulky equipment.

In order to organize the best transport of your equipment, we strongly advise you to indicate this when making your reservation with our MEDA medical assistance service at 0809.10.11.30 * or by calling the Reservations Center by phone at 0825.35. 35.35 (0.20 cts / min) at the latest 48 hours before your departure.

We also recommend that you check in no later than two hours before departure.

1. You are traveling in a manual wheelchair:
In order to plan your transport in the best conditions, it is important to specify at your reservation the type of your chair, its weight, its dimensions, as well as the possibility or not to fold it. You will be able to keep it with you to the door of the plane or to the boarding gate if access to the plane is not through a footbridge. If you are in correspondence, you will be able to recover your wheelchair according to the duration of this one.

2. You travel in electric wheelchair:
It is important to specify the characteristics of the batteries of your wheelchair so that we can transport it safely. Batteries can be of two types:

Reversible batteries (dry batteries): Lithium batteries are also reversible batteries. Conditions of Carriage:

Batteries may remain attached to the wheelchair or mobility equipment if they are securely attached.
The terminals do not need to be disconnected if they are already included in a battery or insulated container.
The motor must be in the “disengaged” position.
So-called non-reversible batteries (wet batteries). Conditions of carriage: taking into account the risks that these batteries can present for the safety of the flights, we ask you to inform you about the conditions of their transport during your reservation.

3. Transfer chairs:
These chairs are used by the assistance staff to move from a designated place in the airport to the plane and from the aircraft to your departure from the airport. These chairs are also used in your correspondence if you can not use your personal armchair.

* Cost of a local call from a landline

Sensory impairment

All reservations must be made at the latest 48 hours before departure at our MEDA medical assistance service at 0809.10.11.30 *

Visual impairment

At the airport, if you are traveling alone, a help desk is available to help you during check-in, access to the plane, when you leave the plane, when you are lugging in, or if you Are in correspondence.

Upon arrival on board the aircraft, flight attendants will help you settle in, learn about your immediate environment and explain safety instructions.

Your guide dog or emotional support dog: it is transported free and in cabin by Air Corsica. We strongly recommend that you notify us of a helping dog by your side no later than 48 hours before your departure.

The conditions for acceptance and transport are as follows:
It must respect all health requirements of the countries of departure, arrival and / or correspondence,

  • It must be identified by a plate or harness. If not, you must be able to confirm its function,
  • It can travel non-muzzled,
  • It must remain permanently attached,
  • It must not obstruct the aisles,
  • His behavior must be irreproachable in all circumstances,

A seat offering as much space as possible will be offered, but your dog will not be able to occupy a seat. Emergency exits are prohibited.
For more information about the conditions of transport of your guide dog, do not hesitate to consult our section transport of animals.

Hearing impairment

The assistance services reserved for the poor or hearing-impaired are limited because of their autonomy.

On board the aircraft, do not hesitate to share your needs with the aircrew.

* Cost of a local call from a landline

Respiratory failure

If you suffer from respiratory failure, you can have oxygen on board in several ways.

Therapeutic oxygen supplied by the company
On board, Air Corsica can provide you with therapeutic oxygen. This service is subject to a fee and must be requested at the time of booking, no later than 48 hours before departure (excluding weekends).

In most cases, a portable kit specially designed for air travel (including a portable therapeutic O2 bottle, two facial masks and two respiratory goggles and equipped at the bottle head with 2 outlets in 2L and 4L per minute) Will be proposed. These kits can only be used on board the aircraft.

If your oxygen requirement does not exceed 2 liters per minute, no medical certificate is required to dispose of this equipment. If not, you will be asked for a medical agreement (contact our MEDA service 0809 10 11 30 *

Use of breathing apparatus

We recommend that you use personal breathing apparatus such as “portable concentrators”. Below is a list of approved hubs on our flights:

The use of these devices is possible throughout the duration of the flight. However, Air Corsica aircraft do not have electrical outlets for connecting respirators on board. We therefore recommend that you check the life of your device and, if necessary, provide you with additional batteries.

Note: the number of batteries and the power of these batteries are regulated. Inquire when booking.

Philips Respironics EverGo,
Inogen One,
Inogen One G2,
Inova Labs Life Choice,
Oxus, Inc. RS-00400,
Invacare XPO2 – XPO100,
Invacare SOLO2,
SeQual Eclipse,
DeVilbiss Helthcare iGO,
AirSep FreeStyle,
AirSpe LifeStyle,
Delphi Central Air, Evo,
Oxlife Independence Oxygen Concentrator.
We recommend that you report the use of such equipment no later than 48 hours before your flight.

Personal Oxygen Bottles
Personal air (gaseous) oxygen cylinders are allowed on Air Corsica flights under certain conditions and depending on the type of aircraft:

Their height must not exceed 65 cm,
Their weight must be less than or equal to 5 kg,
They must have a security system to prevent any accidental escape of the contents.
2 bottles per ATR type aircraft and 3 cylinders for A320 aircraft
The use of personal oxygen cylinders is prohibited on board, as well as their transport in the hold.
We draw your attention to the difficulties that may arise when passing through checkpoints at certain airports.
You must inform us of the transport of your personal oxygen bottles at least 48 hours before your flight (excluding weekends).
* Cost of a local call from a landline



7 days a week. From 8h to 20h non stop.
Such. 0 825 35 35 35 (0.20 cts / min)
Mail: Napoleon Bonaparte Airport – BP 505 – 20186 AJACCIO CEDEX 2


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