Information for passengers with impaired mobility

We offer a variety of free services for passengers with mobility restrictions or sensory capacities, including assistance on the apron and steps to the plane with boarding and deplaning. We will also  carry those passengers to their seats who are unable to walk.

In addition, we transport wheelchairs and service animals free of charge.

If you and your travel companion need help, we will be happy to assist you. Please let us know as far in advance as possible by calling the Call Center or our service hotline for passengers with impaired mobility, available around the clock and free of charge from anywhere in the world, at 00800 320 320 00. You can also talk to our staff at the check-in counter.

For information and special tips for passengers with impaired mobility related to specific airports, go to the airport websites. You will find links to them in our airport and terminal information.

Preparing for your trip

So that you can be perfectly prepared for your flight with Eurowings, you will find complete information here on what to bear in mind when booking a flight, checking in, reserving a seat and finding your way at the airport if you have impaired mobility or sensory capacities.

Tips on booking a flight

To help us ensure your flight is as enjoyable as possible, please let us know what services you will need in good time, ideally when you book. We cannot guarantee optimum care if service requests are submitted late or not at all.

We offer the following assistance services. Needless to say, they are free of charge, and you can add them when you are booking your flight: 
  • Assistance for hearing-impaired passengers during boarding and deplaning
  • Assistance for visually impaired passengers during boarding and deplaning
  • Carrying passengers with impaired mobility to the plane and transport of one wheelchair
  • Assistance for passengers with impaired mobility from check-in to the plane
  • Assistance for passengers with impaired mobility on the steps to the plane

For other queries or requests for assistance, use the “Passengers with impaired mobility” option in our contact form to contact us, or call our service hotline for passengers with impaired mobility, available around the clock and free of charge from anywhere in the world, at 00800 320 320 00. Our staff at the check-in counter will be happy to provide further assistance.

Reserving seats

You can generally choose any seat that meets your needs. However, safety-related restrictions may be necessary. Almost all seats in the Eurowings fleet have movable armrests that will make it easier for you to get to your seat.

Please be aware that we are unable to transport passengers in a completely reclined position.

It goes without saying that our passengers with disabilities board first. If you and your travel companion need additional help at check-in, during boarding or deplaning or on the way to your seats, we will be happy to assist you.

If possible, please add these free additional services when you book your flight.

Passengers with wheelchairs

You are welcome to bring your own wheelchair with you, as long as it does not use wet-cell or unsealed/non-leakproof batteries. We can carry up to five passengers with wheelchairs per flight. The number of wheelchair passengers is unrestricted on our direct flights to or from the United States. We are able to transport larger groups with wheelchairs, subject to prior notification and by mutual arrangement.

We will transport your wheelchair free of charge. However, we ask you to reserve this additional service in the second step of our Online Flight Booking, by adding the service later or by calling our Call Center.

Is your wheelchair battery-powered and equipped with a leakproof dry-cell or gel battery? If so, be sure that the battery is not connected for operation and that the contacts are insulated and protected from short-circuiting. The battery must also be securely fastened to the wheelchair. Naturally, we transport mobility aids free of charge.

Registering a wheelchair online during flight booking

We recommend registering your wheelchair as soon as you book your flight – either by using our mobile services or directly online:

  • In Step 2 of the Online Booking process, go to “Additional services” and click on “Special flight services”.
  • Once you are there, click on the requested services for your outgoing and return flights – in this case, transport for your wheelchair.
Adding a wheelchair later

You can register your wheelchair even after you have booked your flight – up to 30 minutes before departure – online or by using our mobile services:

More information about booking extra options online can be found in our help area.


You can also transport your wheelchair free of charge on Eurowings flights that you have booked with one of our partner airlines or a travel agency. For information about this, contact the appropriate airline or travel agency.

Flying with an assistance dog

Assistance/Service dogs (SVAN)

You can always transport your assistance dog with us in the cabin. Unfortunately, we are only able to carry one assistance dog on each flight (not applicable for flights to and from the U.S.). Assistance dogs are carried free of charge, but must be registered via our contact form after booking. We recommend you check with us if the space is still available prior to making your booking. We recommend using a dog harness and a muzzle. Please note that some countries are subject to special regulations for entry of service dogs, and you should find out about them beforehand.

The following are considered service dogs (SVAN): seeing-eye dogs, hearing dogs, comparably trained service dogs to assist passengers such as those with epilepsy or autism, and rescue dogs.

 ESAN dogs (Emotional support animals) on flights to/from the U.S.

It is possible to transport an emotional support (ESAN) dog free of charge in the cabin on Eurowings direct flights to/from the United States and on feeder flights with UA flight numbers to/from United Airlines U.S. flights. To transport an ESAN dog, it is necessary to submit medical documentation from a certified psychologist.

Registering an assistance or ESAN dog
  • Use our contact form to register your assistance/ESAN dog. To do this, select the  “Passengers with impaired mobility” option.
  • Our customer service department must confirm that you are transporting a service dog no later than 48 hours (two days) before travel begins, so you must have submitted all necessary documentation prior to this date.
  • Assistance/ESAN dogs from an EU member state require a European pet passport, while those from a non-EU member state require a third-country official veterinary certificate showing a microchip number and a valid rabies vaccination.
  • All necessary entry and exit documents for your service/ESAN dog must be submitted at check-in.
Requirements for transporting an assistance/ESAN dog
  • Your animal must be trained to obey and behave appropriately in the cabin (no growling, barking or jumping up on humans or other dogs).
  • For flights from/to the United States, it is not necessary to submit a training certificate for the dog. For flights outside the United States, it is necessary to submit a training certificate for the dog.
  • Particularly for the sake of hygiene, it must be guaranteed that the animal will not void uncontrollably in the cabin or on the airport premises or that it can control its habits in such a way as to present no health risk or hygiene problem and to avoid disturbing other passengers in any way.
  • The dog must lie or sit in front of your seat (in the foot space) and wear a lead. We recommend securing the dog with a harness, not with a collar. Under no circumstances may the dog sit on a passenger seat.

It is possible to check your assistance/ESAN dog’s fitness for cabin transport before you board your flight. If your dog behaves inappropriately, you may be asked to muzzle your dog for transport, or transport may be refused.

Please note: 

Special regulations on the entry and exit of assistance dogs apply for the United Kingdom and Ireland. For information about these, go to: or write to:

Embassy of the United Kingdom
Wilhelmstr. 70-71
10117 Berlin
Tel +49 (0)30 20457-0

The above provisions for dogs on flights from and to the United Kingdom and Ireland apply to service animals only.


Please note that for safety reasons, a companion is necessary in the following instances:
  • If passengers are completely immobilised and cannot assist in their own evacuation
  • If passengers cannot orientate themselves independently
  • If passengers cannot communicate safety instructions to the flight attendants
  • If passengers cannot understand/follow safety instructions

At the airport

It is important to schedule enough time for check-in and the security inspection to avoid unnecessary time pressure. That’s why we recommend the following:

  • Be at the airport two hours before departure. This is particularly important for foreign airports that are not yet familiar to you. The Eurowings check-in counters are generally open 2 hours before departure and close 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • Schedule an additional half hour to get from check-in to the jetway, particularly at peak passenger times (for example, at the start of holiday seasons), to check special luggage or if you are getting special flight services.
  • Pay attention to monitors and airport announcements – they tell you where the check-in counters are located or inform you of any changes.

Please tell personnel at the check-in counter of any services you have booked so that you receive priority service and can be accompanied on board before the other passengers if necessary. Although it is not required, we would appreciate knowing the nature of your impairment (for example, if you have impaired mobility or a pacemaker).

For complete information on all matters relating to check-in, click here.

Airport information

Many airports offer special products and services for passengers with impaired mobility. There is often information about this on the website of the specific airport. You can also usually request written information from the specific airport.

Here are several airport websites that provide information for passengers with impaired mobility:

For more information and links to websites of airports served by Eurowings go to our Airport and terminal information.

For information about all commercial and regional airports in Germany, go to the website of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Verkehrsflughäfen ADV.

Other information

Can passengers with casts fly?

Yes, basically any passenger can fly with a cast, as long as the cast is split or has an expansion joint. We recommend obtaining medical documentation of your fitness to fly.

What should pregnant women bear in mind about flying?

Women can fly up to and during the 36th week of pregnancy without worry and without incurring any increased health risk, as long as the pregnancy has proceeded without complications. After that point, for the sake of your health and the health of your unborn child, you may no longer travel aboard an aircraft.

During pregnancy, you should generally forgo flying if you

  • expect a multiple birth
  • have already had a miscarriage
  • have a cardiac or circulatory disease

Moreover, there is an increase risk of thrombosis during pregnancy.

In order to rule out any other existing risks, we recommend consulting with your physician before scheduling air travel.

Please note that you will have to present your pregnancy record to document your fitness to fly.

Checklist to prepare for travel

The list below will help you to check whether you have made all important preparations for your flight:
  • I informed Eurowings of my impaired mobility while or after booking my flight and have indicated my special requests (use of special services such as pick-up with a wheelchair or transport of a service animal, etc.)
  • I have booked my flight in good time, indicated whether I will travel with my own wheelchair and stated its type, dimensions and weight
  • I have promptly registered my service animal with Eurowings, submitted necessary documents and received confirmation of my service at least 48 hours before starting my travel
  • I have gathered information about service for passengers with impaired mobility at the departure and/or destination airports
  • I have had a medical form issued for a mobility impairment due to an ongoing medical condition (such as recent surgery or a fracture).

Taking your wheelchair on board

It goes without saying that our passengers with disabilities board first. If you and your travel companion need additional help at check-in, during boarding or deplaning or on the way to your seats, we will be happy to assist you.

On our long-haul flights, our Airbus A330s provide an in-flight wheelchair. It is adapted to the width of the aisles on board and enables you to do such things as use the toilets. An accessible toilet is located in the front part of the aircraft, on the right ahead of Row 10. The following are considered Eurowings long-haul destinations: Cape Town, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Seattle, Mauritius, Bangkok, Cancun, Phuket, Havanna, Varadero, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Montego Bay and Windhoek.

Services for passengers with sensory impairments

  • Assistance for hearing-impaired passengers during boarding and deplaning
  • Assistance for visually-impaired passengers during boarding and deplaning

It goes without saying that our passengers with disabilities board first. If you and your travelling companion need additional help at check-in, during boarding or deplaning, or on the way to your seats, please add these free additional services as soon as you book your flight.


Our call centre is there for you every day from 0.00 a.m. – 12.00 midnight (CET).

Call us at: +44 (0) 330 365 1918 

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