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Special carriage

Only valid for flights operated by Hahn Air Lines between Düsseldorf and Luxemburg (DUS-LUX-DUS):

Unaccompanied Minors

Please inform us during the booking process if your child aged 5 or older is travelling alone.

Children between 5 and 11 years of age may only fly on their own if they are accompanied by our support service or travel together with a person who is at least 12 years old. At the request of the parents, children aged 12 to a maximum of 17 travelling alone can also be accompanied. At the airport, you will receive a small shoulder bag that your child should wear visibly throughout the entire journey.

The pouch will contain all necessary travel documents:

  • Plane ticket or printout of an etix® reservation, completed check-in form – always necessary!
  • A declaration of consent from the child’s parents/guardians stating that their child may travel alone is absolutely necessary!
  • A valid passport/child identity document is absolutely necessary!
  • Visa for the destination country, should this be required for the destination country
  • Confirmation of travel insurance, should this be required for the destination country
  • Allergy card, recommended
  • Receipt for any UM fees already paid

There is an additional fee in the amount of EUR 40 per leg in addition to the airfare for an unaccompanied minor service for all children travelling alone.

Barrier-Free Travel

In order for us to be able to prepare accordingly, please inform us when booking, but at the latest 48 hours before departure, should you require any assistance.

If a request for assistance is received late or if no information is provided at all, we cannot guarantee the required assistance will be provided.

Passengers in Wheelchairs

Please let us know when booking should you require a wheelchair. Please indicate this when checking in to your booked service so that you can receive preferential assistance.

Due to the limitations of our aircraft, it is unfortunately not possible for us to transport passengers who cannot independently climb stairs in order to board the aeroplane or disembark.

Mobility aids and wheelchairs up to a size of 75cm x 50cm x 27cm are transported free of charge. Unfortunately, we are not able to transport electric wheelchairs.

Passengers with Visual Impairments

Visually impaired passengers can travel  without any assessment of fitness for air travel. Of course, you can take your guide dog with you on board free of charge. The dog does not need to be placed in a transport container.

Please note that all of the dog’s documents required for arrival and departure (valid pet passport, immunisation and health certificates etc.) must be carried by the passenger. It is also required for the dog to wear its guide-dog harness.

Passengers with Mental Disabilities

Air passengers with a mental disability must travel with an accompanying adult.

Medical Aids

All medical aids and devices must be declared for safety reasons. Please give us specific information in a timely manner, at the latest 48 hours before departure, about what type of medical aids you will carry, and your reliance on them.

Pregnant Women

During the last 4 weeks of pregnancy prior to the due date (which is normally as of the 35th week of pregnancy) an expectant mother shall not be accepted for carriage under any circumstances.

The expectant mother is normally informed by her physician of the expected due date. From the 29th until the 34th week (incl.) of pregnancy, an expectant mother may travel  as long as she submits a doctor’s certificate. However, a return journey must also be commenced earlier than 4 weeks prior to the expected due date.

It is recommended to always consult the attending physician prior to the commencement of a journey. The expectant mother shall discreetly be asked – preferably by female staff – for the expected due date.

Transporting Animals

Hahn Air allows small dogs and cats to be carried in the passenger cabin.

The following must be observed in this case:
Throughout the flight, the animal must stay in a suitable container which meets the specifications of the “IATA Live Animal Regulations”.
Cats and dogs will only be accepted in waterproof pet carriers, supplied by the passenger with maximum dimensions of 50cm x 40cm x 20cm or box size “S” (57cm x 37cm x 36cm).

Any animals being transported must be reported to Hahn Air in good time.
A fee of EUR 20.00 will be charged.

It is not permitted to carry other small animals or large animals in the hold.

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