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Expectant mothers

ts_210_service_schwangerExpectant mothers are carried only up to the 36th week of pregnancy (this also applies to the return flight). The airline is entitled to demand proof (e.g. maternity card). Expectant mothers have sole responsibility for deciding whether they are healthy enough to fly.
We recommend that you consult your doctor beforehand.

Guests with casts

ts_210_service_krueckenAll passengers who would like to travel by air with broken limbs that are in casts have to comply with the following periods before air travel:

• No flights are allowed within 24 hours after a fracture.
• Only flights with a flight time of less than 2 hours are allowed between 24 hours and 48 hours after a fracture.

The cast must be plastered within the first 7 days after a fracture.
We recommend even for fractures that are older than 7 days that the cast is plastered.
Passengers who are traveling with casts on extremities from the hip and upward only need one seat.
Passengers with a leg cast (thigh down to or including the ankle) must purchase
2 seats because the leg must be elevated during the flight and for safety reasons should not be stretched out in the aisle.
For children with leg casts, the number of additional seats to be booked depends on the size of the child.

All passengers with broken limbs set in plaster casts must provide a physician’s certificate confirming that the passenger is allowed to fly. In addition, some airlines require that an indemnity form for sick passengers be signed in order to confirm that the respective passenger has been informed  regarding the risks associated with transportation (swelling of limbs due to low air pressure, tissue damage, circulation problems, risk of thrombosis, etc.).

Guests with disablities

ts_210_service_handicapWe gladly offer assistance to wheelchair passengers, and also transport your wheelchair free of charge in addition to your normal luggage allowance. The wheelchair must be collapsible and must only be equipped with a non-spillable battery. We regret that we do not accept wheelchairs with wet batteries.
If a passenger requires, in addition to its normal wheel chair, a wheelchair for being able to use showers etc., you have to register it beforehand in our Service Centre; the transport is free of charge.
Groups of physically or mentally disabled persons must be registered in our Service Centre.
For space and security reasons, the transport of a wheelchair must be registered and confirmed by our Service Centre. You are only entitled to carriage, if you can present a corresponding confirmation. Wheelchair assistance (from the check-in desk to the machine) is currently provided free of charge for all European flights. Please contact our Service Centre.

We offer free seat reservations to passengers who are dependent on a wheelchair and their accompanying person. Because of official security regulations, these passengers are not permitted to reserve a seat at the emergency exit. The reservation is always made for a seat at the window in especially reserved rows.

Passengers with visual impairment

ts_210_service_blindVisually impaired passengers are provided with full assistance at no extra charge. However, only one guide dog (accompanying a passenger) is permitted on board. On flights from/to Great Britain, strict legal regulations apply to the entry of dogs. It is therefore absolutely necessary that, in case of a flight to Great Britain, you book the flight in good time to make sure that you dispose of all required documents.
It is important to inform us already during booking, if this service is needed, and to register a guide dog. Please inform our Service Centre, if you want to use this service.


Animals weighing up to 6 kg can be carried in the cabin. They must be carried in a soft, waterproof pet carrier with dimensions that do not exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. The animal’s head must not protrude from the transport container and the animal must not leave the container during the flight.

Cats and dogs weighing more than 6 kg are carried in the hold. For the transport in the freight hold, you have to provide a safe and sturdy transport container in which the animal has sufficient room to turn around and to stand up. The container may not exceed a maximum height of 83 cm. Only one animal can be carried per transport container. Under no circumstances may the container be placed on a seat.

Stricter EU regulations came into force on 1 July 2004. All animals must be fitted with a microchip and have the new, blue EU animal passport, confirming an up-to-date vaccination against rabies.

TUI fly charges a processing fee of EUR 40.00 (GBP 35.00/USD 57.00) per animal and flight segment on international routes and EUR 47.60 on domestic routes for carriage in the cabin, and EUR 60.00 (GBP 53.00/USD 83.00) on international routes and EUR 71.40 on domestic routes for carriage in the hold. You can register your pet when making the booking online and pay the processing fee directly. If you have already booked your flight, you can register your pet afterwards by calling our Service Centre. Each passenger may bring one pet.



By phone

If you wish to make a booking in person with us, or if you have any questions or problems with an existing booking, then please contact our call centre.

The call centre is open from 7.30 to 22.30 (Monday to Friday) and 8.30 to 21.00 (Saturday, Sunday and public holiday) Central European Time.

The numbers are:


from Netherlands 0900 333 000 3 (0.60 € per call, mobile phone rates are different)
from Switzerland 0900 190 150 (0.64 CHF/minute)
from Germany 0180 6000 120 (0.20 € per call from the German landline telephone network; maximum mobile rate of 0.60 € per call,technical provider mr. next id)
from UK 020 7048 0143   (Local rate, mobile rates may vary)
from Italy 899 03 20 31  (0.63 €/minute, mobile phone rates are different)
from Austria 0900 190 150  (0.53 €/minute)
from Spain 902 012 512  (0.09 €/minute)
0049 180 5 42 41 40 
(0.14 €/min. from a landline telephone network, 0.42 €/min. in mobile phone networks plus international service provider fees)

* This number cannot be used for calls from Germany, Austria, England, Italy, Switzerland or Spain.

If enquiries are made to the TUI fly Service Centre about bookings or terms of payment, the flight fare booked online is not subject to an additional booking fee. For new bookings made through the TUI fly Service Centre we charge a booking fee of EUR 5.00 per person, per flight.

By mail


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