Special assistance iconSPECIAL ASSISTANCE

Rights of persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility on air transportation CE Regulation 1107/2006.

Assistance to disabled, during their time at the airport, is now responsibility of airport operators of European Union.
This includes any cause of disability, such as learning difficulties, but also the age.

Airlines must give informations to airport operator in advance so that they can be offered an adequate service. To allow Meridiana to transmit all requests to the operator, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance.

The following general transport conditions are valid on all flights operated by Meridiana. For flights operated by other Carriers (Code share Flights) please check the relative terms and conditions available on the website of the Airline Company that operates the flight.

 Passengers with restricted mobility iconPASSENGERS WITH RESTRICTED MOBILITY

Disabled Passengers
In compliance with the provisions of security standards, Meridiana limits the number of passengers with restricted mobility in its aircrafts.

Therefore, whenever a passenger needs assistance when boarding, going up and down the steps and taking his/her place inside the aircraft, such requirements must be communicated while booking the flight.

Passengers with restricted mobility due to an ongoing clinical condition, with broken limbs and women in their last month of pregnancy require a medical certification to be accepted on board issued within 7 days before departure date. Passengers who need transportation on stretchers should travel with an escort and they must have medical authorization to travel, issued within the 7 days before departure date. The transportation by ambulance to the airport must be arranged by the passenger. Only one passenger on a stretcher may be carried on the routes operated by MD82 aircrafts, while no stretcher transportation is possible on B737, B767 aircrafts. The number of unaccompanied visually impaired passengers is limited on each flight in accordance with safety regulations. Passengers with special needs should inform the airline at the time of booking though our call Centre, so that the company may arrange for the necessary assistance. In order to ensure the best possible services when boarding, during the flight and disembarking, passengers with restricted mobility that need special assistance must check-in at least 90 minutes before departure within time limit check-in.

The company could decide to not accept passengers without medical certification, if request, or if it will be incomplete.

Blind passengers
Unaccompanied blind passengers can be accepted in a limited number on each flight, in accordance with the security standards of the Airline. Requests for this type of assistance should be made during the reservation stage and only through our Call Centre in order for the Airline to be able to make all the necessary arrangements. Guide dogs travel free of charge and the request to board such pets on the plane must be made during the booking phase. Moreover, the dog must be leashed and muzzled. Up to two unaccompanied blind passengers are allowed on board Meridiana flights. There are no limits for the transportation of accompanied blind passengers.
On our flights directed to the United Kingdom is allowed to travel with a guide dog for blind passengers that it will be subject to the Pet Passport Scheme of the United Kingdom. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that the animal meets fully requirements of the Pet Passport Scheme. The company not assumes any responsibility for animals that don’t have the correct documentation and recommend to contact the airport authority in the United Kingdom before traveling to confirm the details of the Pet Passport. You can get advice from the UK Guide Dogs for the Blind Association or the Defra helpline Pet Travel Scheme.

Passengers with reduced mobility can make a booking, or add a request for special assistance to their booking, by sending an e-mail to
or contacting the Call Centre to the dedicated number +39 0789 52609, option 1. The request must include the full names of the passengers, the required flights and flight dates and a telephone number that will be used by our Call Centre to reach the passengers who request this service. For imminent departures, you are kindly asked to contact the dedicated number.

Meridiana Compassionate Flexibility Policy
Compassionate Flexibility is a policy whereby Meridiana will waive (not apply) fare rules related to Non-Refundable and/or No-Change tickets in the case of Bereavement or Unexpected Medical Situation (as defined below). All potential passengers are recommended to acquire comprehensive Travel Insurance in order to protect themselves from possible financial losses, should they occur. They should not rely solely on the discretion of the Airline. Here more details about the policy.


Minors travelling alone iconMINORS TRAVELLING ALONE

Meridiana pay particular attention to all minors travelling on board their flights to guarantee their security and safety.

All minors can travel if escorted by a person at least 18 years of age who assumes responsibility of the minor. Alternatively, it’s possible request assistance for unaccompanied minors through the Meridiana Call Center.

Required Documents
In order to certify the identity of a 15 year old child, a minor’s identity card is required. This document certifies the minor’s age and is required when travelling between countries within the European Union. Children’s ID documents are issued by the General Register Office of Births and Deaths at the City Hall and the parents must present their identity card along with two photos of the minor. Once the parents are given the minor’s identity card, they must apply to the police authorities for relative permits so the child can travel within the European Union countries. The rules for minors travelling abroad change according to the national laws.
Passengers should get further information on such regulations by visiting Embassies, Consulates or the Police station. The Airline disclaims all responsibility if children are denied boarding due to unsuitable or insufficient documentation .

Young children up to 2 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or by an adult.
On board Meridiana flights, each adult passenger can travel accompanied by one infant only (children up to 2 years of age). Therefore, to travel with 2 infants, a second adult is required on board. Infants do not occupy seats since they travel on the lap of the adult that accompanies them and are entitled to l0 kg of baggage allowance. If the infant reaches 2 years of age while travelling (that is, on departure, he was under 2 years of age, on returning, he has already reached the age of 2), it will be necessary to book a seat on the flight from the date of his birthday. Therefore he will charged an Infant fare for the outbound trip and a Child fare ( from 2 to 11 years old ) for the inbound trip. Bookings have to be made considering the age of the Infant/Child while travelling. On intercontinental flights, it is possible to request a baby bassinet for infant up to 10kgs, by contacting in advance our direct email address or our Call Centre. The service, subject to availability, is delivered on Bulk Seats Area (Preferrd Seats) at the cost of USD 70.00 or Euro 65.00.

Reserve a seat for an infant under 2 years
Infants under 2 years of age at date of travel normally sit on an adults lap without a seat of their own; infants not occupying a seat and receive no checked baggage allowance.
However, it is possible to reserve a seat next to an adult for an infant provided that they are seated in a car seat approved by:
• EU: ECE R44/03 or ECE R44/04
• Canada: CMVSS 213 and 213.1
• USA: FMVSS No. 213
• Germany: TÜV/958-01/2001
• Car seats approved by the Canadian Transport Authority, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by the EU Joint Civil Authority (JAA).
The car seat :
• May only be used for infants under the age of two years
• Must be designed to be secured by means of a normal single lap belt
• Must have a 2-point restraining harness
• Must not be wider than 42 cm (16.5 inches)
• Must be strapped in place according to the manufacturers instructions and ensuring that the adult seat belt does not lie directly over any part of the frame or under the structure of the car seat after tightening
• Must display the safety approval label
The service is optional must be booked and payment made before the flight by contacting our Special Assistance service +39 0789 52609 option 1. Reserved Seats for infants are charged at the applicable child fare.

Unaccompanied minors 
– Meridiana accept unaccompanied minors from 5 to 13 years of age on board all their flights.

– All minors can travel if escorted by a person at least 18 years of age who assumes responsibility of the minor. Alternatively, it’s possible request assistance for unaccompanied minors through the Meridiana Call Center.
For information and reservations, contact the Call Center at or calling to the dedicated number +39 0789 52609, option 1.The service cannot be booked on our website.
The cost of the service (ticket office fees excluded) for each unaccompanied minor is:
– 60 euro for each flight for domestic flights,
– 75 euro for each flight for international flights,
– 125 euro for each flight for intercontinental flights.

– The availability for such assistance is limited on each flight: it is therefore recommended to make such reservations as early as possible.

– The transportation of unaccompanied minors will only be possible on direct flights with no stopovers: for instance, is possible on Milan-Olbia but not on Olbia-Milan-Naples. Moreover, children aged 2 years and upwards have the same baggage allowance as adults.

Boarding procedures:

We reccomend you to arrive at the check in for safety operations at least 1 hour before flight departure. Minors will be received by the check-in ground staff: they will wait with the ground staff before boarding and will be accompanied on board the aircraft where they will be handed over to the cabin attendant. Important: when making the reservation, the Customer must communicate the name and contact number (possibly a mobile) of the person that will be escorting the minor on departure and the person who will pick them up on arrival after presenting relative ID. The escort on departure will have to stay at the airport until the aircraft takes off, in case of flight cancellation. On arrival, the ground staff will take care of the minor until the arrival of the parents or relatives, it’s required to be punctual.

Warning icon For flights operated by carriers other than Meridiana, the passenger must always check the terms and conditions of the operating carrier.

The passenger must always verify the travel documentation required by all countries being visited. Meridiana disclaims all responsibility in case boarding is denied at the airport.

Pregnant mothers iconPREGNANT MOTHERS

A travel waiver medical certificate issued within 7 days before departure date is requested for pregnant women
– if the due delivery date is expected within 4 weeks following the flight;
– if the pregnancy has had complications;
– in case of a twin birth.
It is not recommended to fly 7 days before or 7 days after the birth or if there is a risk of an early birth or other complications.
For further information and/or reservations, please contact our Call Center.


On board of Meridiana flights transportation of dogs, cats, singing birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and furrets is permitted.
The service is subject to availability and is not permitted on all aircraft, it’s important check availability contacting in advance our call center.

We remind you:

– the animal must be in possession of a passport issued by a veterinarian that has the vaccinations and health status of the animal
– animals younger than 3 months, then not yet received the anti-rabies vaccine, may not be introduced in Italy or travel to Europe.
– to travel in Italy rabies vaccination it is not mandatory.
– for flights to and from Great Britain the transport of animals is not allowed except guide dogs accompanying blind passengers, click here for all the information
– is the passenger’s responsibility to verify any provisions or restrictions of the country of destination at the Embassy, Consulate or from the Travel Information Manual of IATA
– failure to comply with the Provisions and restrictions of the destination country will cause the failure of the animal boarding

Transportation in the cabin is subject to specific conditions:

– the animal must be cared for at all times by the passenger and should be kept in an appropriate container.The container taken on board must not exceed the following size: 48x33x29 cm.
– the weight of the container, pet and food included, should not exceed a total of 10 Kg
– the container must be sturdy, secure, rigid or bag with a leak proof bottom and openings for adequate ventilation
– the carrier must allow the animal to be in comfortable position of being able to turn and crouch, if the pet disturbs the passengers, the Captain has the authority to transfer it to the hold.

Transportation in the hold is subject to specific conditions:

– the animal must travel in a rigid container
– the shell of the carrier must consist only of fibers of glass or rigid plastic- If the carrier is equipped with wheels, they must be removed by the passenger, if they are retractable, you must lock them with adhesive tap.


– it is important to accustom the animal to the container
– feed it up to 4 hours before departure and make sure it has enough food for the journey
– consult your veterinarian to decide whether or not it is necessary to administer any tranquilizers.

To check the cost of transportation of animals in the cabin or in the hold on Domestic and International flights (by WebSite, Call Center, travel agency and ticket counter at the airport) is available by clicking on the following link special baggage prices.


Open every day 07:30 h -23:00h CET (7:30 am -11:00 pm Italian time) with service in Italian, English and French.New bookings, change your flight, seat selection, additional baggage, general queries:

Worldwide: +39 0789 52682

From UK: +44 2038681778

Within Italy: 892 928 – Premium number, fees apply.

From France: +33 186260657

From Germany: + 49 5218988052

From Spain: +34 911238053

From USA: +1 718 751 4499


To arrange Special Assistance for Passenger with Reduce Mobility:

Tel: +39 0789 52609 and select option ‘1’

If you have received notification regarding a change to your flight:

Tel: +39 0789 52609 and select option ‘2’

If your query relates to a Refund:

Tel: +39 0789 52609 and select option ‘3’


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