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Neos tries to offer the best comfort possible to reduce any kind of obstacle that a person with motor disabilities could find, both on board of its aircrafts and during the different stages of the travel in the airport. The management of the reception and boarding of passengers with reduced mobility is on charge of the airport’s handler, whose task is to offer the adequate support and access to the different areas, including the boarding with special vehicles. It is important to check if these special needs were promptly notified to Neos, in order to make the airport handler able to offer the maximum assistance possible.

According to the law (CE) No 1107/2006 and in order to offer to people with disabilities and with reduced mobility, the possibility to travel in similar condition of the other passengers, Neos informs about the security procedures enforced on board of its aircrafts. In compliance with the security standards, Neos limits the number of passengers with reduced mobility in its aircrafts. Passengers with reduced mobility cannot be allocated on board in positions that can obstruct the emergency devices or the fast evacuation of the other passengers. Passengers with reduced mobility cannot be allocated in all the aircraft’s seat indicated as ‘emergency exits’.

In order to guarantee a better service both during the boarding and disembarking and during the flight, passengers with reduced mobility needing specific assistance, must be at the check-in at least two hours before the flight’s departure.
According to law in force, Neos limits the number of passengers with reduced mobility up to 10 (of whom a maximum of 5 if unaccompanied). Passengers travelling with WCHC (assistance to aircraft seat) is limited to a maximum number of 2, if unaccompanied. Neos allows the boarding of one guide-dog in each flight for free. The animal must be provided with all the necessary documents and with a muzzle. The boarding of deaf-mutes will be limited to a number of 5.


Folding wheelchairs, in passenger’s wake, will be transported without any additional fare. Only ‘dry battery’ wheelchairs can be transported. The transport of ‘wet battery’ wheelchairs is not allowed.

Passengers’ own wheelchairs are carried as checked-in baggage in the hold of the aircraft without any additional fare. Passengers’ own wheelchairs are carried as checked-in baggage in the hold of the aircraft without any additional fare. Wheelchairs cannot be carried in the passenger’s cabin. For no reason batteries can be removed from the wheelchair and carried separately. There are different types of wheelchairs and they are codified according to the required assistance. It is important to know that your own prosthesis, wheelchairs and supports, can’t be carried in the cabin and if necessary they must be notified to the carrier in advance.

Oxygen carrying

Oxygen therapy is not allowed on Neos’ flights The emergency oxygen on board of the aircrafts cannot be use for passengers individual needs that are already known before the flight. The carry of your own oxygen tanks and nozzles represents a violation of the boarding rules of dangerous materials.


Stretchers are not allowed on Neos’ flights.

Pet transport

trasporto animali

Pet transport is subject to some basic conditions, aside from the fundamental abidance by the laws regulating animal protection and the norms regulating import and export in the countries concerned. We consider as pet only dogs, cats and ferrets. All the other species, such as wild animals, reptiles and rodents must be transported as cargo.

Necessary requirements

Pet transport is allowed in the cabin and or the hold of the aircraft, depending on their weights and dimensions. If the pet’s weight (inclusive of cage) does not exceed 10 kg, the transport is allowed in the cabin (e.g. small size cats or dogs); if the pet’s weight (inclusive of cage) exceeds 10 kg, the transport is allowed in the hold of the aircraft (which is pressurized and ventilated). In both cases the transport is subject to the following conditions:

  • The cage for the transport in the cabin may be hard or soft, as long as it is homologated, with a waterproof bottom, well aired, not openable from the inside and with adequate dimensions for the pet’s comfort (maximum measures allowed as per the IATA norm: 48cmx35cmx29cm)
  • The cage for the transport in the hold must be hard, with a waterproof bottom, well aired, not openable from the inside and with adequate dimensions for the pet’s comfort (maximum measures allowed as per the IATA norm: 100cmx85cmx75cm)
  • Upon check-in it is a mandatory requirement to show the pet’s health card, and it is the passenger’s responsibility to gather prior information on the veterinary certificates and possible vaccinations that may be necessary at destination; furthermore, as per EU regulations, cats, dogs and ferrets must have a health passport in order to circulate within the EU countries. Such document must show the pet’s registry details, the photograph and all detailed information on the certification requirements for anti-rabies vaccination and any other information.

ATTENTION: all the cages for animal transportation in cabin and hold shall be IATA approved. Check-in staff is entitled to verify that all the safety requirements are met. Differently, the transportation of the animal can be denied.

The embarkation of pets is subject to payment and the tariff is calculated according to the weight (weight concept) and the destination. As each flight can only carry a maximum of 2 pets in the cabin and a maximum of 2 pets in the hold, it is recommended to promptly notify your travel agency, or this address in case of direct purchase.
WARNING! Payment is made directly to the check-in at the airport.

Embarkation of guide-dogs

Guide-dogs accompanying blind and deaf passengers are transported free of charge and are allowed in the cabin, albeit only one per flight and always wearing a muzzle. It is necessary to notify the travel agency of the necessity to embark such type of dogs with opportune notice, or notify this address in case of direct purchase.

Pet transport in Kenya

The transport of dogs and cats by the passenger to Kenya is subject to the following requirements:
– Veterinary certificate of good health of the animal;
– Rabies vaccination certificate issued in the country of origin for at least one month and not more than one year prior to entry into Kenya;
– Import permit issued by the Embassy of Kenya in Italy (valid – for one trip and up to 30 days from date of issue)
For other animals require only a certificate of good health.

Pet transport United Arab Emirates UAE

State law prohibits the entry of animals with the passenger in the UAE. Therefore any requests of this kind can not be confirmed.



We do accept pregnant women with single pregnancy until the 34th week and for multiple pregnancy until the 28th week of pregnancy.

From the 28th to 34th week of pregnancy, medical certification is necessary, and it must confirm:

  • Pregnancy is proceeding normally
  • Prevision of birth
  • Good health condition
  • There are no reasons that prevent boarding

If health certificate is missing, Neos could refuse to accept the passenger (this is to protect passenger safety during flight). Before flying, if pregnant, it is desirable to ask for information to your family doctor in order to be aware of all limitations and/or risks when on board.

Infants and children


An infant in good health can travel with Neos one week after birth. For children that are less than two years old (c.d. infant) neither the baggage allowance, nor the right to a seat are applied. Yet, if the infant celebrate the second birth before the return flight, the ticket has to be paid as a child and not as a baby.
Infants are not entitled to seat nor to any checked baggage.

Cradle for infants on our flights

All our aircrafts are equipped with cradles for children less than two years old. Every size is 76.20cms (30″) x 38.10cms (15″) x 20.32cms (8″) and it can carry up to 12kgs. We remind you that a child more than 6 months old might not be confortable in a baby bassinet and then, if available, the child within this range of age will be favoured. The request of a cradle on board must be made at the moment of the booking itself through your travel agency or in cases of direct purchase to the Society to (required, but always subject to confirmation by the airline).

The service is free, except for all the flights for which the service is available in Economy Extra.

While making every reasonable effort nell’esaudire such requests, it may be that third event unrelated to the will of Neos, this service can not be provided. Each plane Neos also has at least two toilets with special folding shelves for changing diapers.

Crandle transportation

At the moment of check-in the need to transportate the crandle should be communicated. The same crandle will be labelled and it can be used up to the doors of the aircraft, where it will be sent back to be put in hold.The transportation of crandle in cabin is not allowed. The transportation of crandle is free.

Children travelling alone

minori non accompagnati

On Neos flight, is available the unaccompanied minor assistance for minor aged between 4 and 18 years. (UMNR). This service is mandatory for minors from 4 to 14 years old because Italian law doesn’t allow them to travel abroad alone, without parents or legal guardian.

According to parents request, we can also provide assistance to minors from 14 to 18 years old.

This service costs 100 euro one way, to be paid directly at the airport.

During the first step of booking process, it is necessary to advise your own agency or airline regarding the minor who will travel alone by giving the following information: name, surname, address and telephone number of adult who will take the minor to the departure airport and the one who will receive the minor at destination.

It is required to be at check-in desk two hours before departure time. The minor will welcome by ground staff and with airport appointee he/she will be escorted up to the gate for boarding; then he/she will be entrusted to the cabin crew responsible which will look after him/her during the whole flight. The person who arrived together with the child at the airport must stay until 30 minutes after take off in order to take care of the minor in case of flight cancellation. At the airport destination an handling agent will guide the minor to bags delivery in the arrival area until he/she will rejoin his/her parents. UMNR assistance is always to be confirmed by the airline before departure.


Parents are entitled to verify the correct documentation and the proxy needed for transportation.

Actually, for an Italian minor ( less than 14 year old) travelling abroad alone, a special declaration issued by Police headquarters is required. In this declaration (“atto di affido”) should clearly appear the name of the deputy to whom the minor is entrusted (could be an adult or the air carrier) and it has to be signed by the parents or legal guardian.

What above is valid for all Italian minors and the ones who holds both Italian and alien passport.

In case of irregularity and lack of the mentioned documents, boarding will be refused.

Neos is not responsible for a non-compliance documentation.

Portable oxygen concentrators

In order to transport POC as hand-baggage on board our aircraft, following rules must be followed:

  • The passenger must advise Neos at least 72 hours before the flight;
  • The passenger must travel with an approved model of POC (see the list below);
  • The POC must have a label attached indicating that it has been approved for use on the aeroplane;
  • The POC must not be contaminated with oil, grease and other petroleum products and it must be in good condition and free from damage or other signs of excessive wear or misuse;
  • The passenger must present the POC paperwork for inspection;
  • The passenger must present the FO-FO-019 form or an equivalent letter from his/her doctor confirming the following information:

1) The passenger is fit to travel;
2) The passenger is able to operate the device, recognise and respond appropriately to its alarms; and if not, that the user will travel with a companion who is able to perform these functions;
3) Specify the phases of the flight during which the device is medically necessary (taxi, take-off, cruise, landing);
4) Indication of maximum oxygen flow value compared to the pressure value during normal operations.

  • The passenger shall allow the Neos S.p.A. staff to verify the contents of the medical certification;
  • The POC is used in its battery-operated mode during the flight;
  • The passenger must have a sufficient number of fully-charged batteries to cover the duration of the flight and possible delays. Extra batteries are permitted only in carry-on baggage and these must be individually protected to prevent short circuits, battery terminals must be either recessed or packaged so as to prevent contact with metal objects, including terminals of the other batteries;
  • Spare lithium or lithium ion batteries are not permitted in checked in baggage;
  • Only use of lotions and conditioners that are compatible with the presence of concentrated oxygen;
  • The POC should be switched off in case of interference with aeroplane systems.

Approved POC that will be used during any phase of flight must be stowed completely underneath the seat in front of the passenger using the device, ensuring that the air/intake filter is not blocked during use and that the user or user’s attendant can see the warning lights and/or hear the audible warning. Therefore the POC should be clear of blankets, coats and other pieces of carry-on baggage that may block the air/intake filter.

When seat belt signs are switched off, the person using a POC is free to move in the cabin.

List of approved devices (if they don’t contain any dangerous material):

AirSep FreeStyle Inogen One Invacare XPO2 / Solo2 DeVilbiss Healthcare iGo
AirSep LifeStyle Inogen One G2 SeQual SAROS PortableOxygen Concentrator Respironics SimplyGo
AirSep Focus Inogen One G3 Oxlife Independence OxygenConcentrator International BiophysicsLifeChoice
AirSep FreeStyle 5 Inova Labs LifeChoice Oxus RS-00400 SeQual Eclipse
Delphi RS-00400 Inova Labs LifeChoiceActivox Precision Medical EasyPulse Respironics EverGo


Office for direct sales:

The service is available from Monday to Friday from 08:30 until 19:00:

To book a flight neos will be possible to call from mobile or landline toll-free number 800 325955.
For calls from abroad will remain on the number +39 0331 232833
You can also send an email to

Upon purchasing the ticket directly from Neos, it is possible to put forward special requests: special meals, airport assistance, special luggage. If your flight is purchased as part of a tourist package, please contact your Tour Operator.

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