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Special assistance, just for your needs 

If you require special assistance before and during your flight or at your destination airport, we are here to help out.  In this section, you will find all the important information you need to travel easily.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the pages below, do not hesitate to contact your travel agent or Air Malta directly on +356 21662211

Passengers with reduced mobility

Assistance with Wheelchairs

Our crew will be happy to welcome you on our flights and assist you with your mobility needs. However, if you need this type of special assistance, we require that another passenger travels with you. This ensures that you will find immediate help and support and the safety of other passengers is not compromised in emergencies.

Booking: If you require a wheelchair or other type of mobility aid, please contact reservations at least 48 hours in advance of your flight so we can make the necessary arrangements.Up to 2 pieces of mobility equipment per person with a disability or person with reduced mobility can be booked.

At the Airport: If you need assistance to get from check-in to the aircraft, the MIA provides this service free of charge. To make it easier for you to book the service, you may submit your application for airport assistance directly to be processed, either by:

  • Contacting our call centre
  • Visiting the Air Malta sales office
  • Contacting your Travel Agent.

To help us provide a better service, make sure you inform us at least 48 hours in advance of your flight if you require a wheelchair or other special assistance at the airport.

Crutches: If you need crutches or other mobility aids, you will be able to take them on board at no extra fee. Once you find your way to your booked seat, our helpful cabin crew will be able to take them for stowage during the rest of the flight.

Passengers with medical needs

Your medical needs on our flights

We want to help improve the accessibility of air travel to passengers with medical needs such as reduced mobility. For this reason, we have set up a number of guidelines to ensure that such needs are understood and provided with the right level of service.

Health Procedures: For the safety of all, we make sure that all passengers accepted on board our aircraft are in a good state of health and fit to fly. Passengers suffering from certain medical conditions are required to obtain a certificate allowing them to fly, available from our medical doctor. Our Medical Help Desk can be contacted on Tel : +356 22999296, or e-mail.

Mobility assistance:We follow the standard definition of mobility-impaired passengers as issued by the Association of European Airlines to ensure that you will find constant support and a level of service appropriate for the situation.  This includes any passenger who requires:

  • a stretcher or incubator on board the aircraft
  • oxygen supply on board the aircraft
  • an extra seat to accommodate leg elevation
  • support in movement due to a serious illness or injury
  • pregnancy support
  • use of other medical equipment

Assistance with wheelchairs:  If you or another passenger requires wheelchair support, we provide a number of services. Learn more here.

Booking: Depending on the medical condition in question, it may be necessary to prepare a Medical Information Form (MEDIF) and submit it in advance of their travel arrangements for due review and approval by Air Malta.

Dedicated support: We give you individual attention. If you need further information about our policies for passengers with medical needs, simply call the Air Malta Medical Help Desk on

Medical syringes:
As long as you carry a valid medical prescription with you, you are allowed to bring your pre-filled low-molecular-weight heparin syringes into the cabin carried in your hand baggage.

Provision of in-flight oxygen: If your medical needs require you to receive in-flight oxygen, we will be able to accommodate you. However we are only able to provide a limited extra oxygen supply on board, so please contact our Medical Help Desk on tel : +356 22999296, or e-mail Please be aware that the costs of providing extra oxygen is 115 EUR per sector and must be paid in advance. We recommend that you contact your health insurance or private health care provider about the possibility of having these costs refunded.

Pregnant Passengers

Travel for pregnant passengers

Your comfort and safety as an expectant mother are very important to us.  Here are a few rules and guidelines that we have put in place to ensure you have a healthy and enjoyable flight. You should continue reading the below to make sure that you are well prepared and ready to fly.

Documentation required

To travel with us while pregnant, we will need assurances from a medical expert about your state of health. Proving that you are fit to fly is done by acquiring the right documentation and presenting this at check-in. The kind of documentation needed will depend on how advanced your pregnancy is.

Less than 28 weeks of pregnancy:
you will be able to fly with us without the need of any documentation.

Between 28 to 35 weeks of pregnancy: you will need to present a certificate from your own medical consultant stating that you are fit enough to fly.

From 36 weeks of pregnancy onwards: you will need clearance as issued by Air Malta’s own medical doctor. To get this, contact our Medical Help Desk by calling: +356 22999296, or e-mail

Please note that flying when 36 weeks pregnant or more is not recommended.

Newborns: If your baby is not yet born at the time you are making your reservation, please do not include the baby in your reservation at this point.  Once the baby is born, please contact our international call centre to update your reservation and include your newborn in your booking.

A ticket for your newborn will be issued and you will be required to settle the applicable fare. Newborns are classified as infants and do not occupy a seat on the aircraft. An infant pays 10% of the adult fare.

Travelling with Children

We will do our utmost to help and ensure a pleasant flight for those adults and families who travel with children within their party.

We consider those passengers aged 11 years and 11 months or younger to be Children, and refer to newborns up to the age of 1 year 11 months as Infants.

Children travelling in Economy Class are allowed 1 piece or 2 pieces, each of 20 kgs free baggage weight, depending on the Product selected. Children traveling in Business Class are entitled to the same allowance as adults are. An Infant is allowed 10 kgs, irrespective of the class of travel.

Baggage-pooling is not permitted between passengers traveling on the same routing to the same final destination.

A collapsible buggy is carried free of charge on all Air Malta operated flights. You may keep the buggy until you get to the aircraft steps. It will then be stowed in the aircraft hold, and will be delivered to you with your baggage upon arrival at your destination.

As infants travelling on Air Malta flights do not occupy a seat, for added comfort you may wish to purchase an extra seat through our international call centre. This will allow you to carry any Air Malta approved car-seats on board our aircraft to be used by your infant during the flight. Approval and further information may be obtained from Air Malta’s Passenger Handling Section on :

Tel: +356 2369 6479.

Infants travelling on infant fares (no seat) must be passengers who are under the age of 2 years for the entire journey (ie, departure date of all segments within ticket validity). An infant who reaches his/her second birthday before utilizing the return segment of the air ticket will be classified as child for the return segment. Air ticket reservations for such cases may be made with our International Call Centre, Air Malta sales offices or your travel agent. Online bookings are not possible.

Unaccompanied Minors

On Air Malta flights, an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) is a child who is 7-11 years of age (not yet having reached 12) who is not accompanied by a guardian passenger aged 16 years or older. The service is optional for any unaccompanied passengers aged 12 up to 16 years.

Please note: the accompanying adult at the departure airport must remain at the airport until the flight actually departs. In the event of a long delay, the UM will be returned to his/her care until such time that the flight is ready to leave again.

How to book: We offer two options to book the service. In all cases, you have to download the UM form and print it, then:

1. Scan and email it to 
2. Post it to the following address:

Centercom Ltd.,
Air Malta Section
Aviation Centre, First Floor, St.Thomas Street,
Luqa-Malta LQA5000

Our responsibilities:  We place the utmost importance on your child’s safety, and are fully committed to be responsible for your loved one’s safety when travelling alone, from the moment when the departure escort hands over the child into our care at the departure airport until the child is passed on to the authorised escort at the destination.

Fees:  A non-refundable and non-transferable service fee of €70 per unaccompanied minor per flight segment shall be collected on booking. Special offer fares are not applicable for unaccompanied minors.

Boarding:  For the boarding procedure, we provide a ‘Meet and Assist’ service for unaccompanied children. One of our officials will be present to accompany the child through security and passport control formalities. In the departure lounge, we will continue to attend to the child until he/she is escorted to the aircraft and handed personally to the care of the Flight Purser.

On the Flight:  During the flight, our crew members will ensure the well-being of your child and offer assistance as required with in-flight meals and refreshments as well as making sure that he/she is fully comfortable. Our crew will also make sure that your child is neatly groomed upon arrival and that all personal belongings are collected before disembarking.

 On arrival at the destination, the appointed cabin crew member (typically the Purser), will pass the child to a waiting Air Malta official, who in turn will assist him/her with luggage collection and all other airport, customs and immigration formalities if needed. The child will then be personally handed over to the waiting adult guardian who will in turn sign a receipt.

Important note for passengers departing to/from Italy: The unaccompanied minor service is obligatory for passengers travelling unaccompanied who have reached their 7th birthday but not his/her 14th birthday. The service is optional for any passengers aged 14 years and over.

In addition, UM’s holding Italian passports who have not yet reached their 14th birthday and are travelling unaccompanied to/from/within Italy, including Sicily, are required to obtain, in addition to the Air Malta UM policy, a Dichiarazzione Di Affido (Statement of Custody), signed by both parents/guardians and authorised by the Italian police before departure. A copy of this document can be downloaded here (PDF 643KB).

For further details please contact us on telephone number +356 21662211

Carriage of Assistance Dogs

If you or another passenger require a guide dog, you are welcome to bring it on board the cabin under certain conditions for the sake of other passengers.

Your guide dog, together with containers and food necessary for the duration of the flight, will be carried free of charge in addition to the normal free baggage allowance.
Please review the below regulations to make sure that you are following the rules that you agree with as carriage.

Terms and conditions

These conditions are published pursuant to Article 8.9 of the Air Malta General Conditions of Carriage (Passenger and Baggage) and are in line with Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006 [1]  and the Interpretative Guidelines [2] issued pursuant thereto. These conditions are subject to any applicable European or national legislation on the carriage of animals, including but not limited to the Pet Passport Regulation [3] .


  1. A Recognised Assistance Dog which has been specifically trained to assist a disabled person or person with reduced mobility may be carried in the aircraft cabin at no additional cost subject to the following provisions:(a) The Assistance Dog must have been specifically trained, assessed and accredited for this function by an organisation that meets the full membership criteria of the International Guide Dog Federation or Assistance Dog International, the accrediting body for assistance dog organisations worldwide.

    (b) The following types of Recognised Assistance Dogs, in each case evidenced by a formal certificate of approval, shall be accepted on board subject to the conditions stipulated herein:

    i. Guide Dogs – they assist the blind and visually impaired;
    ii. Hearing Dogs – they assist deaf or hearing impaired individuals;
    iii. Service Dogs – they assist persons with disability or reduced mobility other than visual or hearing impairment. They can be trained to work with people who use power or manual wheelchairs, have balance issues, have various types of autism, need seizure alert or response, need to be alerted to other medical issues like low blood sugar, or have psychiatric disabilities.

    (c) Other dogs not trained to meet the criteria set by Assistance Dog International, shall, unless complying with the criteria of Pets carried in the Passenger Cabin, be required to travel in the hold, at the applicable rates. The Assistance Dog must belong to the travelling disabled person or person with reduced mobility.

  2. A request for the carriage of an Assistance Dog in the cabin shall be made to the Air Malta Call Centre at least 48 hours before the published time of departure of the flight. In the case of flights to/from the UK, a 7-day pre-notification period is required. This notification shall also cover a return flight, if the outward flight and the return flight have been contracted with Air Malta. This is required in order to ensure that appropriate assistance is provided.
  3. The number of Assistance Dogs accepted in the cabin is limited. Please contact Air Malta for further assistance. Assistance Dogs shall be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Any dogs including Pets in Cabin will normally be accommodated a minimum of 10 rows away from eachother. They will not be seated in the same row as an infant unless they are travelling in the same group.
  4. The owner must be in possession of a travel harness for the dog and other equipment or clothing with a logo that identifies it as an assistance dog and a moisture absorbent mat together with all the necessary documentation, which must be available in advance, to ensure confirmation of booking. The Assistance Dog shall meet all the standards as laid out in the minimum standards for ADI assistance dogs in public.
  5. The owner shall ensure that the Assistance Dog is clean, well-groomed, and does not have an offensive odour.  In order to be allowed to travel in the cabin it is mandatory that the dog is obedient and behaves properly (i.e. no barking, growling, jumping at people or other animals, and/or relieving itself in the gate area or cabin, or doing so in a way that will not create a health or sanitation issue on the flight). If the animal misbehaves the owner can be asked to put its muzzle on for the trip or it can be confined to the aircraft hold (if a kennel is available), or carriage can be denied. (For this reason a muzzle should be made readily available by the owner).
  6. Carriage of Assistance Dogs in cabin shall not be permitted on routes which do not have the approval of the competent authority at both the airport of departure,  the airport of arrival and, where applicable, at the airport of an intermediate stop (unless the passenger will be disembarking on the first sector or embarking on the last sector). Passengers accompanied by Assistance Dogs travelling to or from Malta are required to inform the veterinary office in Malta in advance of their arrival. Carriage of Assistance Dogs to the UK shall be as prescribed by DEFRA.
  7. Air Malta shall have no liability in respect of any Assistance Dog not having all the necessary exit, entry, health and other documents with respect to the animal’s entry into or passage through any country, state or territory (including in case of a diversion and stop to an airport in a different state) and the person accompanied by the Assistance Dog must reimburse Air Malta for any fines, losses or liabilities reasonably imposed or incurred by Air Malta as a result.
  8. Air Malta reserves the right to refuse carriage of Assistance Dogs in the cabin in order to meet applicable safety requirements established by law, the competent authorities or by Air Malta, or where the size and configuration of the aircraft makes the carriage of the Assistance dog in cabin physically impossible. Should such a circumstance arise, Air Malta shall propose an acceptable alternative to the passenger in question, notably that the Assistance Dog be carried in the cargo hold. Otherwise, the passenger shall be offered the right to reimbursement or re-routing on any other services operated by Air Malta. The right to the option of a return flight or re-routing shall be conditional on all safety, legal and documentary requirements being met.
  9. These terms and conditions apply to Air Malta operated flights only.
  10. The above terms and conditions may be subject to change from time to time with or without notice, and Air Malta assumes no liability for these changes. Air Malta also reserves the right to interpret and apply these terms and conditions. In each case, Air Malta’s interpretations and applications shall be final and conclusive.

[1]  Regulation (EC) N° 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 July 2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air
[2]  Interpretative Guidelines on the application of Regulation (EC) N°1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 July 2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air
[3]  Regulation (EC) No 998/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 May 2003 on the animal health requirements applicable to the non-commercial movement of pet animals and amending Council Directive 92/65/EEC

Travelling With Pets

We know how much your pets can be important to you, so why not take them with you on holiday? Whether you own a small or large pet, we have created a dedicated set of guidelines to make sure that when your pets fly with Air Malta, they are as safe and comfortable as possible.

You have three options to carry your pet on Air Malta scheduled flights:

  1. Pets carried in the passenger cabin (PETC)
  2. Pet as Accompanied Checked in Baggage (AVIH) 
  3. Pet in Cargo hold
  1. Pets carried in the passenger cabin (PETC):

You are welcome to bring your small cat or dog with you in the cabin on our flights, as long as it can comfortably fit in its container under the seat in front of you without blocking passage to the main aisle of the airplane. Your pet/s, including the container may weigh up to 10 kgs. Should you prefer this option, you are kindly requested to call our call centre on +356 2166 2211.

Updated procedure for the carriage of PETC on our services :

  • This procedure is applicable for non-commercial movement of pet animals.
  • This procedure is applicable only for small cats and dogs.
  • This service is offered on AirMalta’s network including UK routes. However, on UK routes, this is only applicable OUT of the country. PETC service is not offered from Malta INTO the UK.
  • Pets must be at least fifteen weeks old and must have been weaned for at least five days.
  • Acceptable containers: Your pet should be carried in an appropriate container/carrier that meets the minimum standard for size, ventilation, strength, sanitation and design for safe handling and must have a waterproof (leak proof) bottom.
  • You may carry up to two  animals of the same species in the same container. (Only applicable for pets travelling as Cargo).
  • The container must be big enough to allow the pet/s to stand up, turn around and lie down safely and comfortably. No part of the pet/s may extend outside the container. The pet must be small enough to fit and stay comfortably in its container under the seat in front of its owner.
  • The container must not measure more than 40 cm x 34 cm x 20 cm and must be of the collapsible type.
  • Pet/s may weigh up to 10 kgs including the container.
  • A licensed veterinarian should examine the pet within three days prior to commencement of travel and confirm, in the appropriate section of the Pet Passport (Clinical Examination), that the animal is in good health and able to withstand carriage to the destination.
  • Unaccompanied minors may not carry a pet in the cabin.
  • Only one container per passenger is permitted however there is no limit on the number of containers that can be carried on board.
  • The pet container must be placed underneath the seat in front of the owner without blocking any person’s path to the main aisle of the airplane. It must remain properly stowed the entire time the airplane is moving on the airport surface and for the entire duration of the flight.
  • The pet must remain in the container for the entire flight.
  • The pet must not be placed in the lap or on a passenger seat.
  • For safety and security reasons a passenger carrying a PETC cannot be allocated a seat next to an over wing, main exit and restricted seats and will always be allocated a Window Seat.


Pet carried in the passenger cabin fees:

Fees are kept simple so as to make your pet travel as simple as possible. A single payment of €70.00 per segment is applicable per container you carry in the cabin.

2. Pet as Accompanied Checked in Baggage (AVIH)

Booking your pet’s flight as accompanied Checked in Baggage:
It is important to register your pet’s flight(s) in advance to make sure that they are not refused at the airport due to limited space for pet carriage on the plane.  You can book your pet’s journey by calling Air Malta’s call centre on +356 2166 2211. You will be asked to provide the following information:


  • Your Booking PNR
  • Name & Surname of Passenger
  • E-mail address
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Departing and Arrival airports
  • Flight Number and date of travel
  • AVIH – Pet details eg dog, cat
  • Weight of pet plus cage in kgs
  • Dimensions of cage Length  * Breadth * Height in cm


Our Call Centre will check space availability with Air Malta’s appointed Cargo Reservations and shall  confirm position back to you on the designated e-mail provided as proof of your pet booking. You would  need to present  this  e-mail confirmation at the airport along with your Pet during the check-in process (see ‘At the Airport’ below).

Fees: The carriage of Pets as accompanied checked baggage (AVIH) is charged according to the rates below:

Category Weight Charge
Small AVIH 1 – 10kg €70
Medium AVIH 11 – 20kg €100
Large AVIH 21 – 32kg €150

Please note that Pets do not constitute part of the free baggage allowance and are charged for the full weight of the pet and container irrespective of the applicable free baggage entitlement.

AVIH Terms and Conditions

  • AVIH is only available for dogs and cats holding a pet passport;
  • Only one pet per reservations (PNR) is allowed;
  • Any other allowable pets are to travel as cargo;
  • AVIH crate sizes allowed, must have a volumetric weight of up to 60Kgs. To measure the volumetric weight use the following formula: LxBXH(cm)/6000;
  • Maximum height of the crate must not exceed 100cm.


If you pet does not qualify to travel as AVIH you might still have the possibility to take up your pet as cargo


At the Airport: 
On your departure date, as long as your pet is in a suitable container and within the specified weight and measurement, you can hand it over to Air Malta (or our ground handling agent) during check in, along with the rest of your baggage (if any), at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time, to be carried in the aircraft hold by our dedicated ground handling team. Please make sure that you are ready to hand over all the necessary pet documentation and certificates, including the booking reference document given by the Call Centre at the time of booking. The passenger will then accompany their pet through the bulky luggage handling area where a dedicated handling team shall take over and assure the safety and comfort of the pet.

On arrival at your destination, you can collect your Pet, along with the rest of your baggage (if any), from the arrivals hall of your destination airport.  Different airports might offer different delivery services; some might accompany the pets through different channels and then proceed to the baggage reclaim area, others will have the pets delivered straight to the baggage area. Please make sure that you are ready to hand over all the necessary documentation and certificates to the Customs Department, if requested.

3. Pet in Cargo hold

On those routes where we cannot accommodate your Pet either as accompanied baggage or in the passenger cabin, you have the option of sending your Pet in the aircraft hold as Cargo. In that case please contact our Cargo Sales Department on phone number +356 2247 3700 or your cargo agent and they will guide you through the process. It is important to note that you will have to drop off/pick-up your pet at/from the Station Cargo center which normally is in a separate building from the Airport terminal and not within walking distance.

Cargo Terms and Conditions


  • All allowable pets can be sent as cargo;
  • More than one pet booked on the same reservation (PNR) is allowed
  • Crate sizes exceeding volumetric weight of 60Kgs are permissible;
  • Maximum crate height size up to 110 cm.

Pet in Cargo hold Fees: Please contact Air Malta’s Cargo Sales Department for further pricing details or through e-mail on

General guidelines applicable for any of the three options: 

Passengers will be limited, in terms of the number and weight of animals, by IATA regulations. Those passengers wishing to travel with pets may travel with their animals subject to the following requirements, depending on the origin and destination of their journey:

  1. Malta to any EU Country as well as Switzerland: Passengers will now be able to check-in their animals onto a flight as excess baggage.
  2. Malta to the UK: Passengers will be required to book their pets onto the flight as cargo.
  3. Malta to a non-EU country (other than Libya, or other countries with local restrictions): Passengers will now be able to check-in their animals onto a flight as excess baggage.
  4. Malta to Libya, or other countries with local restrictions: Passengers will be required to book their pets onto the flight as cargo.
  5. Any EU Country (other than the UK) to Malta: Passengers will now be able to check-in their animals onto a flight as excess baggage.
  6. Non-EU country to Malta (excluding Switzerland and Russia subject to conformity with all applicable regulations and health certificates/documentation) : Passengers will be required to book their animals as cargo since the animals will be quarantined. Please refer to govt website for updates: .
  7. Transit through Malta: Pets are not allowed to transit through Malta.

Passenger responsibilities: Passengers are responsible for fulfilling the following criteria when transporting pets:

  • Provision of a suitable container to ensure safe and comfortable transport of the pet.
  • Provision of proper documentation for health, entry and transfer for all countries en route.

Documentation Required: Usually, a pet passport is required for air travel. For further details kindly refer to the government website indicated above.
A licensed veterinarian should examine the pet prior to travel and issue the pet passport which certifies that the animal is in good health, harmless, inoffensive and odourless.

When bringing pets to Malta, an appointment must be made with the Agriculture and Fisheries Regulation Division on phone number +356 2292 5216/5172 (for animals arriving from EU) or +356 21653013/0393 (for animals arriving from outside EU) during office hours (Monday to Friday 07:00 – 15:00) or the VSO Veterinary Support Officer on mobile number +356 99170532 (24 hour) or by email advising flight number, date and time of arrival, for inspection prior to the release of pet. Any related forms requested, may be accessed from the website for Fish and Farming Regulation and Control on

If you’re travelling to another destination, please make sure to familiarise yourself with the pet import rules of the country.

Air Malta will not be held responsible if any pet or animal is refused entry in a specific country.

Acceptable containers: Your pet should be carried in an appropriate container/carrier that meets the minimum standard for size, ventilation, strength, sanitation and design for safe handling and must have a waterproof (leak proof) bottom. You may carry up to two  animals of the same species in the same container.
It is important you purchase the right sized container for your animal. Airlines use the following indications to ensure the animal has enough space to turn around  normally while standing, to stand and sit  upright, and to lie in a natural position.


Ticket Refunds/Changes : If your pet cannot be accommodated on the flight(s) and date(s) you selected and you have booked your PET as indicated under the ‘Booking your pet’s flight’, section,  your ticket can then be either refunded or changed to another date at no extra cost.

Other General Conditions

  1. If your itinerary involves travel on airlines other than Air Malta, even in the case when the other airline is code sharing with Airmalta and operated by another carrier, it is always advisable to check with Airmalta prior to booking in case you intend to carry a pet since in some instances such requests are only supported when booking is effected directly on the operating airline.
  2. Customers travelling with pets should check-in at the airport, not online. Please report at the check-in counter at least two hours prior to scheduled time of departure of your flight.
  3. Guide dogs are accepted in the passenger cabin and travel free of charge.
  4. From time to time due to high loads it might be the case where embargoes on pet travel are effected. You will be updated of such embargoes at the time of your booking.

It is advisable that passengers travelling with their pets, visit the following websites for further information:

  • To, from or within the European Union: read the European Commission regulations here.
  • To the United Kingdom (only possible via Cargo): visit the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs here.
  • Between other countries: visit

Customer Contact Centre

Tel : +356 21 662 211

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 18.00

Saturday and Sunday from 09.00 to 13.00


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