Special needs

In order to offer our passengers the best possible help, we need information about your needs at least 48 hours prior to the flight so that we can inform the airport. Wideroe offers persons with reduced mobility or special needs services in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1107/2006.

If you book your flight less than 48 hours prior to departure, we will try to help as best we can, but unfortunately we can not guarantee that we are able to meet all your needs.
Passengers with reduced mobility have to check in well in advance of departure. If you have not been told otherwise, please check in at least one hour prior to departure.


It is possible to use your own infant car seat on board for children up to two years. The car seat must be certified and labelled. Please note that in these situations you have to purchase a child ticket, despite the fact that the child is under two years – the reason being that the car seat is placed in/occupying a passenger seat in the aircraft.


Widerøe allow the following to types of speial seat belts/harnesses for childeren:

If you need/want a special harness, you have to bring this yourself. The guardian/parent are responsible for the usage of the harness and have to inform our crew regarding how the buckle/harness works. At arrival at the airport please get in touch with check in personell if you wish to use a special harness.


Widerøe do not allow the use of any special children seat on board.


Wheelchair and other equipment needed in everyday life can be brought free of charge. We need to know if the passenger has a manual or electric wheelchair, the size / measurement and type of battery. If a battery-powered device is brought along, we need to check that it has been approved for air transport, and does not belong to the category dangerous goods.


  • WCHR (RAMP):

    The passenger can walk up/down stairs and into the plane. Assistance is required to/from the gate.


    The passenger can walk to the seat itself. Assistance is needed until the airplane, and you have to be carried up / down stairs.


    The passenger is completely immobile. Assistance / carrying is required until the aircraft seat. To meet safety regulations, both for the passenger and our staff the size of the wheelchair must not exceed the width of 43 cm and the passenger can’t weigh more than 120 kilos. If the passengers weight is between 90 and 120 kilos, we need to be notified to ensure airport personnel is prepared.


If the passenger needs to bring oxygen, you need to provide detailed information when booking. Please note that liquid oxygen is strictly prohibited on board an aircraft.


If you are allergic to animals, please make a note of this when booking your flight. Enter information in the “Message to helpdesk” so that we can check if an animal is booked on your aircraft. If an animal is already booked, we give you the opportunity to book another flight. Your card will not be charged until your request has been confirmed. If you have informed about the allergy and we have confirmed your booking, animals will not be booked on your flight.


If you book online, use the “Message to helpdesk” to inform us of your requirements. If you have not informed us about other requirements when booking online or through other channels, please contact our customer service center at the airport.

Travel during pregnancy

If you are pregnant and your general condition is good, you can travel during pregnancy without restrictions up to 4 weeks before the baby is due. We advise you to check your insurance company’s rules as they may have other requirements.


Travelling two to four weeks prior to due date a medical certificate from your doctor is required. The cerficate must include: The passenger’s name, reservation number, name and telephone number of the treating physician, physician’s signature, due date and how many weeks you are into the pregnancy. The flight can not exceed four hours.


With less than two weeks prior to due date pregnant passengers are not accepted.

The following exceptions apply:

  • Within Nord-Troms/Finnmark: Pregnant passengers are accepted less than two weeks prior to due date. A medical certificate and a medically qualified companion is required.
  • Between Leknes/Svolvær/Røst – Bodø: Pregnant passengers are accepted less than two weeks prior to due date provided medical certificate. A medically qualified companion is not required.


Widerøe and SAS offers assistance to children aged 5 through 17 years travelling alone. For your child’s safety, there is a limited number of seats for children traveling alone (UM) per flight. There is a fee per flight.

INFANTS  – Under 2 

Infants under the age of two travel free of charge on domestic flights and pay 10% of an adult fare on international flights, when seated on the adults lap. If you want a seat for your infant, book a children fare. You will then need to bring an appoved car seat for your infant within these measurements; max 43 cm width and 65 cm height. For security reasons bags are not allowed. One adult may travel with a maximum of two infants, of which one of them on a child fare and in an approved car seat.
All items required for your baby, besides children food and diapers, is considered part of your hand luggage allowance.


When travelling home from the hospital, a healthy child can travel on Widerøe flights in Norway, at the earliest 48 hours after birth. You need a health certificate from the obstetrician at the hospital, and the doctor is responsible for the advisability of early air transport.

CHILDREN   – 2 through 11

Children from 2 through 11 years receive a child discount on domestic and international travel. On Widerøes PSO routes the age limit is 2 through 15 years. Children 2 years and above have the same baggage allowance as adults. Children 12 years and above may book Widerøe youth fares or adult fares. Children between 5-11 years, not traveling as a UMNR, can only be accepted for transport if the travel companion has reached his/hers16th birthday.


If the child travels with both SAS and Widerøe the fees will be added together. You can book tickets for children travelling alone with Widerøe and / or SAS on wideroe.no using your own credit card and contact information. Add a comment in the field for special requests that this is a booking for an unaccompanied minor (UM). Once we have confirmed a seat for your child, we will send you an email with the total cost including fees. We will also contact you if there are no UM seats available.

Most of Widerøe’s flights do not serve free meals, and that is why we recommend that the child brings with him/her some kind of food to eat during the flight.

NOTE! The adult accompanying the child to the airport must be at least 16 years old, and must be present until the aircraft has departed, for the child’s safety.


Before travelling, the handling advice for unaccompanied minors need to be completed. After completion, print three copies, sign and bring to the airport. The form can also be found at the airport.


Enquire to bring your dog or cat in the cabin or cargo hold, and other animals in the cargo hold. Book online by adding a comment that you wish to bring your pet, as well as weight and dimensions for an approved travel crate, in the field “Message to helpdesk” at the end of the booking process. We will apply for space for your pet and confirm by e-mail if it is OK. Tickets will not be issued until space for the pet is approved. If you book the flight less than 72 hours before departure, we will try to help as best we can, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that we can accommodate your needs on such short notice.


When travelling with a pet you are responsible for the following:

  • Where necessary health certificate, entry and transfer documentation should always accompany the animal.
  • A certificate for transportation of the pet is required. This does not apply to transportation within Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


  • The animal must be odorless.
  • A suitable, leak-proof container is required.
  • Only one animal per container is permitted.
  • Maximum size is L 40 x W 25 x H 23 cm and the weight of the pet and container should not exceed 8 kilos in total.
  • Widerøe recommends a Sherpa Bag, small model. This is a softbag approved for both cat and dog on Widerøe flights.
  • Each passenger may carry one container in which the animal must be kept for the entire flight. The container should be placed under the seat in front and additional hand-luggage is not permitted.
  • Passengers traveling with pets are not to be seated by the emergency exit.
  • Only 1 pet in cabin is allowed per flight on Widerøe


  • An appropriate case to ensure a safe and comfortable transportation is required.
  • The case must be waterproof and an absorbent mat that is suitable for the pet, must lie at the bottom.
  • Cases made ​​of steel and wire mesh, – so-called Weld Mesh Containers are not permitted.
  • The container must be of a size that allows the animal to stand normally with their head up, they need to be able to turn around in the container/case/crate as well as lie down comfortably.
  • Two animals up to 14 kilos each, and of the same size, are allowed in the same container as long as they are used to being together.
  • Up to 3 animals from the same litter are allowed in the same container. The animals can not be more than 6 months old.
  • The largest crate allowed on our flights are X-large.
  • Due to small cargo holds on Widerøes airplanes, only one crate (max dim. 102x69x76cm) is accepted per flight. On flights WF610-619 between Bergen and Bodø/Tromsø only one crate in size medium (or smaller) is allowed due to large amount of baggage on these flights.

The following animals (amongst others) are not permitted on Widerøe flights: Mink, pine marten, otter, beaver, hare and weasel
If in doubt, contact your nearest airport for more information. We recommend booking early, especially during hunting season. We sell crates at Sandefjord airport Torp. In addition, crates are available at request at all airports.

Type Measuremenths in cm (LxBxH)
 Cabin hard top 40x25x20
 Small 53x41x38
 Medium 71x52x55
 Intermedium 81x57x61
 Large 91x64x69
 X-large 102x69x76


Service dog/animals can be transported in the cabin free of charge.

Service dogs/animals includes:

  • Seeing eye dog, hearing aid dog
  • Dog trained to assist physically impaired persons (with reduced mobility) in their daily life
  • Sniffer dogs belonging to the police, military or customs, trained to find explosives, narcotics or acting as rescue dog

Sniffer dogs and identification:

Dog handler(trainer) travelling with dog “on duty” shall present a police/military/custom ID card during boarding including identification for the dog. Same rule apply when the Service dog is in training and travelling with its trainer.

NOTE! A restraint harness must be used to secure and restrain the dog during taxiing, take off, landing and during turbulence.


You are allowed to bring pets from United Kingdom, provided all necessary health certificates are arranged for. Norwegian customs responds strictly if certificates are not in place when arriving in Norway. See more about travelling with animals to/from Norway here: mattilsynet.no.
Pets brought from the United Kingdom to Norway must be transported as cargo in cargo hold. Please contact Extrordinair by phone: +44 131 317 7277 or by email: arc@extrordinair.co.uk.
Seeing Eye dogs and Hearing Aid dogs are permitted in the cabin.

Widerøe offer unfortunately not to let you bring a pet TO United Kingdom.


If you would like to send a pet in cargo hold (unaccompanied) from the UK, please contact SAS Cargo.


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