Special Passengers

Passengers with reduced mobility

TACV offers wheelchairs for passengers with reduced mobility to have a more comfortable flight.

Inform us of your needs at the time of booking so we may make arrangements for the service required.

Once you arrive at the airport, ask for assistance at one of our counters. Our agents are ready to assist.

Pregnant Women

TACV is concerned with the health and welfare of pregnant women and their babies, so when traveling they are subject to certain conditions.

Up to 32 weeks

If you are up to 32 weeks into your pregnancy, it is not necessary to provide a medical report in order to travel. You may, however, be required to provide your pregnancy card to prove the gestation period

Between 32 and 36 weeks (inclusive)

Pregnant women should ask their obstetrician for a medical certificate stating that she is able to travel by air, the estimated delivery due date and specify the point of departure and destination, as well as the date of departure and arrival. Pregnant women will have to sign a Disclaimer at the time of check-in.

Beyond 36 weeks of pregnancy and risk pregnancies

TACV does not accept women who are beyond 36 weeks into the pregnancy, except for medical reasons and, in this case, she should be accompanied by her obstetrician.

It is mandatory that your attending physician fill out the MEDIF (download here) medical information form (download here) and the passenger sign the disclaimer.


  • The gestation period is taken into account in regard to the departure date and not the date of booking or of purchasing of the ticket
  • TACV does not recommend women to travel within 7 (seven) days prior to the expected due date or 7 (seven) days after giving birth
  • Newborn babies can only travel one week after birth.
  • The medical certificate must be issued within 7 (seven) days before the flight.

Passengers with medical needs

In case a passenger is not in perfect health to make a trip, it is mandatory he/she fill out the Medical Information Form MEDIF (download here).

It is the case when a passenger:

  • suffers from an illness or disability that effects his/her health and well-being while traveling or,
  • needs assistance or medical attention and / or especial equipment during the flight;


The MEDIF form is provided by TACV to passengers to ensure their timely completion and signature by the attending physician.

If the requirements are not met, TACV reserves itself the right to refuse to accept the passenger on the flight.

Children under age of 5

Children under age of 5 can travel if accompanied by an adult, relative or sibling age 16 years or older. At the time of booking the flight, you must inform if one of the passengers is within this age group.

If the child is traveling unaccompanied by parents, you must provide a parental consent, duly notarized or equivalent.

Unaccompanied Minors

UM TACV offers special assistance to unaccompanied minors (UM) between ages of 5 and 11, including at the date of return, subject to the prior approval from our services.

Children between 12 and 15 years, inclusive, may exceptionally be accepted as “unaccompanied minors” at the request of their parents or guardians.

Do not worry, your UM will receive special attention and supervision from check-in until arrival at the final destination.


To be accepted as unaccompanied minor, the passanger should have:

  • Confirmed reservation
  • Valid ID
  • Entry visa for the country of destination country, if necessary
  • Travel authorization from parents or guardians
  • “Handling Advice” form completed (download here)
  • Receipt of payment of service


A service fee is charged for the carriage of unaccompanied minors. The fee is variable.

  • Domestics Flights from Cabo Verde: 3300 CVE or 30 EUR per segment
  • International and Regional Flights to Cabo Verde: 11000 CVE or 100 EUR per segment

Parents or legal guardians should not leave airport departure terminal until confirmation that the child has boarded and of the flight’s departure.

At arrival, TACV will deliver the minor only to the person previously indicated in the unaccompanied minor document;

Your Pet

There are many questions to answer when you want to fly with your pet.

caixa-caoTACV accepts to carry pets – dogs, cats – in the passenger cabin or in compartments intended for the carriage of cargo baggage, provided they are properly accommodated in appropriate carriage box or kennel.

Other animals are subject to a prior authorization.

All animals must hold a certificate of sanitation and an International Certificate of Vaccination valid and issued by a veterinarian.

The carriage of an animal cannot be included in the passenger’s free baggage allowance, even if he has no checked baggage. The amount payable will be calculated based on the rate for excess baggage.

In the cabin

Your pet can accompany you in the cabin if the total weight does not exceed 5 kg

(including the carriage box/kennel), if the carriage box or kennel does not exceed the dimensions 55x35x25 and your flight is operated by a B757 or B737.

The kennel must be made of fiber, in adequate size to allow the pet to get around comfortably within a radius of 360º and should have clasps to prevent accidental opening during transport. It should also have a compartment for food and water and the floor lined with materials resistant to leaks and waste absorbent.

These restrictions do not apply when dealing with a guide dog (see Guide Dog)

In the Cargo Hold

Animals weighing over 5 kg will be accepted as checked or cargo baggage and accommodated comfortably in a ventilated area of the hold, subject to certain rules to ensure the well-being of your pet:

  • The pet must be accommodated in a kennel made of fiber, in adequate size to allow the pet to get around comfortably within a radius of 360º and should have clasps to prevent accidental opening during transport. It should also have a compartment for food and water and the floor lined with materials resistant to leaks and waste absorbent.
  • Only one pet is allowed per kennel
  • Some dog breeds are not accepted for carriage, such as Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Mastiff, American Pit Bull, Staffordshire Bullterrier, Bullterrier, American Bulldog, Argentine DGO, Brazilian Fila, Kangal (Karabash) Kaukasian Owtscharka and Neapolitan Mastino.

You should inform of your intention to travel with your pet when booking your flight.

TACV reserves itself the right to refuse carriage of any animal in case of any incompliance with the above, or if your pet does not appear clean, healthy and without unpleasant odor.

Guide dog

A guide dog is a dog trained to provide mobility assistance to persons with visual or hearing impairment and as a companion to the passenger. Carriage of Guide Dogs in the cabin is free of charge and subject to certain requirements:

• The dog must be fitted with a collar and secured with a muzzle.

• You must provide the certificate of sanitation and international certificate of rabies vaccination valid and signed by a veterinarian.

It is important that you inform us of your needs when booking your flight.

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