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Pre-Flight Arrangements for Passengers with Reduced Mobility

Pre-Flight Arrangements for Passengers with Reduced Mobility

Acceptance of PRMs is based on the following factors:

  • Ability of the handling agent to provide such type of services (essential equipment, staff properly trained)
  • Limitations. (i.e. maximum PRMs on board by aircraft types, particular types PRM to be accepted on board, etc.)

Each type of PRM services request must be made at least 72 hours before the flight departure, to allow the handling agent and the Carrier finish necessary arrangements.

The form can be obtained: here

Must be sent to: service@tandemaero.md

Transportation of Pets

Transportation of Pets

To transportation on flights TANDEM AERO pets (cats and dogs) are accepted only after the preliminary consent of airline. Transportation of pets is made only in plane salon in special containers.

All responsibility for transported animals is born by the passenger. At acquisition of the ticket the passenger should notify the agent on sales on intention to transport a pet. The passenger is obliged to give the following documents:

  • the permission to import/export/transit;
  • medical certificates, certificates on vaccination, etc.

The airline is not responsible for physical injuries, loss, a delay in delivery, diseases or death of transported animals, and also for refusal in their import on territory of the country of following or transportation through territory of transit point.

The weight of accompanied animals, including container and food weight, are not included into a free baggage allowance and is subject to payment on actual weight according to the established baggage rates. The weight of the container should not exceed 8 kg, and the sum of the linear sizes – 115 cm.


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