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Can I bring a baby carriage on board?
A baby carriage, including a “walking stick”, is carried in the luggage compartment of the aircraft as registered baggage in excess of the established rate. It can be used before boarding an aircraft, it surrenders before entering the aircraft near the gangway.

Is it allowed to transport animals unaccompanied?
No. Transportation of animals by Nordwind Airlines flights is allowed only with the accompaniment of an adult passenger.

What are the conditions for carrying the animal?

Transportation of animals, birds, guide dogs and service dogs on flights of the airline is carried out only:
– in the economy class,
– as unregistered baggage (hand luggage) in the cabin of the aircraft,
– accompanied by an adult passenger.
Transportation of indoor animals (birds), service dogs in the baggage-cargo compartment of the aircraft is not carried out.

The weight of the transported pet and container (cages) should not exceed 8 kg. The dimensions of the container (cage) should not exceed the aspect ratio: the length is not more than 60 cm, the width is not more than 35 cm, the height is not more than 20 cm.

For transportation are accepted pets (birds): dogs, cats, canaries, wavy parrots.

For transportation are not accepted: predators, rodents, hares, reptiles, amphibians, reptiles, arthropods and sick animals.

Domestic animals (birds), guide dogs, service dogs, are accepted for transportation only with the confirmed consent of the airline.

The passenger is obliged to inform the airline or its agent about the transportation of pets (birds), a guide dog, a service dog when booking a travel or purchasing a passenger ticket, but no later than 48 hours before the time of departure.

The airline may refuse transportation to a passenger with an animal if the transportation of the animal has not been booked and confirmed.

The passenger is obliged to provide the necessary documents stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, international treaties and the legislation of the country, to the territory from or through the territory of which the transportation is carried out:

For domestic flights:

  • Veterinary certificate form No. 1, valid for 5 days from the date of issue and before the start of movement of animals;

For international flights:

  • The veterinary certificate of the international standard under the form 5а, issued on the basis of the veterinary certificate and registered in the veterinary service of the point of border control,
  • Certificate of the breeding value of the animal for export.

Attention! Feeding of pets (birds), dogs-guides / service dogs during the registration and flight is PROHIBITED.

For transportation on an aircraft, no more than:

  • 4 containers (cells) with room animals of one (non-antagonistic) type, or not more than 2 antagonistic;
  • 2 dogs-guides, service dogs.

If antagonistic animals (dog and cat) are accepted for carriage in the passenger compartment, they must be placed in different rows of seats.

The weight of a pet (pet), service dog, container (cage) and food, for an animal (poultry) is not included in the free baggage allowance and is paid by the passenger and is paid based on the actual weight according to the airline’s baggage rates.

Acceptance for transportation of indoor animals (birds) is provided, provided that the passenger assumes all responsibility for them. The airline is not responsible for injuries, illnesses or death of such animals and birds, nor in the case of refusal of their importation or transportation through any country or territory.

IMPORTANT: For a number of states, special rules apply for the importation of animals. In advance to find out the necessary information on the rules for the importation of animals into the country of destination, the passenger may be on the website of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance.

Transportation of quarantine products (plants, products of plant origin, packaging, packaging, soil or other organisms, objects or material that may become carriers of harmful organisms or contribute to the spread of pests) is carried out in accordance with international agreements of the Russian Federation on plant quarantine, Provision of plant quarantine and legislation in the field of plant quarantine ensuring of the country, to the territory from or through the territory of which stvlyaetsya transportation.

Transportation of guide dogs, service dogs

Guide dogs accompanying visually impaired passengers, as well as service dogs, are transported in the cabin of the aircraft without a container, upon agreement with the airline. The fee for their transportation is not charged upon presentation of documents:

  • confirming the passenger’s disability,
  • Confirming that a passenger accompanying a service dog is an employee of the cynological service of the federal executive body,
  • supporting specific training guide dogs,
  • veterinary certificates (other documents if necessary).

The guide dog and the service dog should have a collar and a muzzle and be tied to a chair at the feet of the passenger she accompanies.

Passengers with guide dogs and service dogs are accommodated in certain places, individual for each aircraft.

Conditions of carriage of pets (birds) in the cabin

In the cabin of an aircraft it is allowed to carry as luggage room (tamed) animals (birds), accompanied by an active passenger, in containers or cages.

The house animal (bird) should be placed in a sturdy container (cage), providing necessary amenities for transportation, with air access and reliable lock (lock). The bottom of the container (cage) should be waterproof and covered with absorbent material. The container (cage) must prevent the sagging of the absorbent material. The bird cage should be covered with a dense light-tight cloth.

An animal transported by air must be inside a closed container (cage) for the duration of its stay on board the aircraft (during the flight, during taxiing, landing / disembarking, etc.).

When transporting a pet (bird), the weight of the animal (bird) with the container (cage) should not exceed 8 kg, and the dimensions of the container (cages) should correspond to the size of the animal (should allow the animal to stand up and turn around) and should not exceed Aspect ratio: the length is not more than 60 cm, the width is not more than 35 cm, the height is not more than 20 cm.

During the flight, the container (cage) with a pet (bird) in the cabin must be placed under the seat in front of the standing chair.

Passengers with animals are prohibited from being placed in the emergency exit area and the location of emergency equipment.

Passengers with room animals (birds) are accommodated in certain places, individual for each aircraft.

How to coordinate the transportation of the animal on the voyage?

You need to contact the agency where you bought air tickets.
In case of buying tickets on the airline’s website, the request must be sent to

Can a child fly without an adult?
Transportation of a child who has not reached the age of 12, without accompanying parents, adoptive parents or guardians, is carried out only after registration of the “Agreement for the transportation of an unaccompanied child”

Family and Children

Departure of a minor child outside the Russian Federation is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. A minor child at the exit from the Russian Federation must follow together with at least one of the parents, adoptive parents, guardians or guardians. In the event that a minor of the Russian Federation leaves the Russian Federation unaccompanied, he must carry with him in addition to his passport a notarized consent of the named persons for the departure of the minor, indicating the date of departure and the state.

According to the preliminary application of the passenger, but not later than 24 hours before departure, the child can be provided with baby food (BBML). In the absence of a preliminary application through booking a child up to 2 years (without providing a separate place), meals are not provided on board the aircraft. Passengers with children under 2 years of age near emergency exits and emergency equipment are not accommodated.

Transportation of pregnant women

Transportation of pregnant women is carried out on general terms, if it is performed no later than 4 weeks before the expected date of delivery. Pregnant women, whose deliveries are expected within the next 4 weeks, the expected possible complications, due to multiple pregnancies or pathologies, it is necessary to provide the written consent of the doctor for the flight. Transportation of this category of Passengers is carried out on the condition that the Carrier is not liable for possible negative consequences for the mother or the fetus, as evidenced by the signing of the passenger of the corresponding obligation. Medical examination must be completed not earlier than 7 days before the flight.

Conditions of transportation of unaccompanied children

The child is accepted for carriage without an adult passenger accompanying if:

  • Confirmed booking,
  • Executed by the parent, guardian (legal representative) of the “Agreement for the transportation of an unaccompanied child”.

“Agreement for the transportation of an unaccompanied child” is issued by the representative of the carrier (agent) at the airport of departure 3 hours before the departure of the flight on schedule.

Transportation of unaccompanied children is carried out only:

  • To airports in which there are representatives of the carrier or agents,
  • On direct flights of the carrier, to the first landing point,
  • In the economic class of service with payment of a full adult tariff (normal economic tariff).

Transportation of unaccompanied children on domestic flights

Unaccompanied children are accepted for transportation in the presence of:

  • Ticket,
  • Identity document: birth certificate – for children under 14 years old / passport – for children over 14 years of age,
  • “Agreements for the transportation of an unaccompanied child”
  • Medical certificate on the state of health of the child (if necessary).

The accompanying child must remain at the airport of departure, before the actual departure of the aircraft.

In the cabin of the aircraft, the places for accommodation of unaccompanied children are determined in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Place is located not at emergency and emergency exits,
  • There is a rescue equipment,
  • Flight attendant can monitor the child during the flight.

On-line registration for unaccompanied children on the airline’s website is not carried out.

Can I bring baby food on board?
Yes. It must be in the personal belongings of the passenger.


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