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Passengers with disabilities

The information below is for passengers with disabilities, traveling with their own wheelchairs or other mobility device and the ones, who needs special service during the flight, the accompaniment service or provision of a wheelchair at the airport.

For carriage acceptance passengers with disabilities are required a confirmed reservation on the whole route.

Note! Ticket booking and air carriage agreement should be arranged at least 36 hours in advance before scheduled time of the flight departure

It is necessary to inform the carrier about all the needs in order to provide these very passengers with appropriate carriage conditions.

The information, concerning additional service on flights SU 6000-6999 is available at PJSC «Aeroflot».

For information, concerning additional service on flights FV 5501-5900, please contact tour operator «Biblio Globus» (biblioglobus-contacts).

Note!  An accompanying person is required separate ticket purchasing.

To provide comfortable carriage for passengers with disabilities «Rossiya airlines» JSC offers:

  • check-in and preflight procedures out of turn;
  • In addition to the normal free baggage allowance, passengers are provided with the opportunity to carry free of charge crutches, canes, collapsible walkers, an oxygen cylinder/concentrator;
  • priority boarding;
  • provision of the seats in accordance with passengers needs and safety requirements;
  • special instruction aboard about emergency procedures and emergency exits location;
  • priority deplaning.

The carrier has the right to deny carriage if the passenger’s health condition constitutes a threat for safety him/herself or other persons, as evidenced by medical records, or causes trouble and unavoidable discomfort to other persons.

It is forbidden to seat passengers with disabilities on the seats near emergency exits.

An adult passenger or a passenger, who acquired full legal capacity, should accompany a disabled child under 12 years.

The carrier strongly recommends you to arrive at the airport in advance in order to have time for preflight procedures.

There is a special desk for passengers with reduce mobility in Vnukovo airport, which is located on the 2-d floor of the terminal A (left side of the check-in area). The first-aid post is on the same floor (right side) Airport map.

To call for assistance at Pulkovo airport you may use a special button, which is on the 3-d floor of the terminal or just address to information point, which is on the 1-t floor. The first-aid post  is located on the left side of the new terminal.

Travelling with your own Wheelchair or other Mobility Aid.

For passengers with disabilities it is possible to travel alone or with an accompanying person.

To provide appropriate carriage conditions, when booking/purchasing the tickets passengers should inform the carrier about oversized baggage (the sum of three dimensions of a baggage piece exceeds 203 cm), heavy wheelchair (the weight exceeds 32 kg) or an electric wheelchair (name type of the battery).

Passengers on wheelchairs are provided:

  • opportunity to carry a wheelchair plus another disability device, such as a special-purpose wheelchair, if it is used by the passenger, in addition to the free baggage allowance specified in the ticket;
  • a wheelchair to pass through preflight procedures for passengers who registers their own one;
  • accompaniment service during preflight procedures;
  • DAA – Delivery at Aircraft: an opportunity to use a mechanical wheelchair checked as baggage until boarding and to receive it back at the door of the aircraft upon arrival (unless it is restricted by airport security regulations). In case of delay/impossibility to deliver the passenger’s disability device upon arrival, passengers are provided with airport means of traveling for temporary use;
  • a wheelchair for temporary use on board of the aircraft, if the passenger is unable to move by himself;
  • boarding and deplaning with the use of ambulift, in case if the aircraft is not at the contact gate.

Information for passengers, traveling with electric wheelchairs:

  • If the electric battery is removable, it is demounted for the carriage. The passenger should provide the following:

–       safe and blister package for the battery to avoid its damaging;

–       set of tools to unplug the battery;

–       manual to fit/unfit the battery.

  • the battery terminal should be disconnect;
  • if the battery is nonremovable, it should be firmly fixed.

Electric wheelchairs are checked-in as baggage at the airport and delivered in the baggage department of the aircraft.  To move through the airport passengers are provided with the wheelchairs for temporary use.

It is allowed to carry just one additional rechargeable lithium-ion battery (output not exceeding 300Wh) or two additional batteries (output of each not exceeding 160Wh), if travel with a wheelchair on lithium-ion battery. Disconnected batteries should be safely packed and carried in the cabin.

When traveling on a wheelchair with liquid electrolyte battery, the package should contain the absorbent material in amount sufficient to absorb the electrolyte in case of leakage.

Passengers on stretchers.

Air carriage for passengers on stretchers is available only in Economy.

To arrange transportation for passengers on stretchers it is required:

  •  the accompaniment of the medical worker;
  • the medical report without health contraindications for the flight;
  • the ticket booking and air carriage agreement, arranged at least 72  hours in   advance before scheduled time of the flight departure;
  • the carrier agreement for the carriage on the whole route;
  • the payment in the amount of the applicable fare and in addition the payment of two full fare tickets in Economy (validity period of one year).

The universal stretchers by «Rossiya-airlines» JSC are free of charge.

The preflight service is implemented in accordance with airport procedures for this very type of passengers.

In Vnukovo airport the passengers on stretchers are attended by the staff of the first-aid post, which is located on the first floor of the terminal A.

For information, concerning additional service on flights FV 5501-5900, please contact tour operator «Biblio Globus» (biblioglobus-contacts).

Air carriage for passengers with visual/ear disorders.

An adult passenger or a passenger, who acquired full legal capacity, should accompany the passenger with visual and ear disorders to assist during the flight.

It is possible for passengers with visual/ear disorders to travel alone, be accompanied by the seeing-eye-dog or another person.

The following documents for the seeing-eye -dog are required:

  • advance agreement for carriage by the carrier;
  • certificate of having been trained to assist a person with a disability by a professional service animal institution;
  • a document confirming the disability of the passenger.
Important! Seeing-eye-dog must be in the muzzle and on a leash for the entire journey, and it is carried at the customer’s feet.

It is forbidden to place the seeing-eye-dog on the passenger seat.

Animals are accepted for the flight after passing the examination in the veterinary office at the airport of departure and in the presence of the following documents:

  • certificate issued by the competent public institution:

–        for international flight it is the veterinary certificate of the international standard 5A form (issued after passing the examination and registration of documents at the point of veterinary control of the airport of departure);

–        for flights within Russian Federation it is the certificate form № 1, which is valid for 5 days from the date of issue and prior to the transportation of animals;

  • other documents, required by veterinary authorities of any country, on territory, from territory or through which territory transportation is carried out.

Travelling with Oxygen

For the carriage of passenger who for medical reasons require the use of medical oxygen while travelling, are required:

  • advance agreement for carriage by the carrier;
  • the accompaniment of the medical worker;
  • tickets’ booking and air carriage agreement, at least 72  hours in advance before scheduled time of the flight departure.

«Rossiya-airlines» JSC in addition to the normal free cabin (unchecked) baggage allowance provides an opportunity to carry free of charge oxygen tank with gaseous oxygen(air)/oxygen concentrator.

«Rossiya-airlines» JSC does not supply passengers with medical oxygen for life support during the flight!


Traveling with children

Traveling with children

Children aged 0 to 5 years are accepted for carriage only accompanied by adult passenger or a passenger who acquired full legal capacity until the age of eighteen (in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation).

In order to provide safety during the flight, one adult passenger may travel with one infant (under two years) without purchasing separate seat. On flights within Russian Federation, tickets for infants, travelling on an accompanying adult’s lap, are free of charge. On international flights – a fee is 10% from the cost of an adult fare; free baggage allowance is one piece of baggage not exceeding 10 kg in weight.

Passenger, travelling with more than one infant or children aged 2 to 12 years, must purchase a separate seat for each infant/child. Ticket for a child under 12 years old is charged under discount according to applicable fare; free baggage allowance in accordance with the applicable fare rules.

To give passengers with children extra comfort “Rossiya Airlines” JSC provides special services:

  • In addition to the checked-in luggage, one pram may be carried free of charge. The pram is checked-in as a luggage and transported in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. The total weight of the pram must not exceed 20 kg and it must not be factory-packed;
  • “Delivery at Aircraft” service: opportunity to use own pram at the airport until the boarding and to get it at the aircraft door upon arrival (if not restricted by security terms of the airport);
  • Opportunity to use the nursery room at the airport (for passengers travelling with children aged under 7 years);
  • Priority boarding for those travelling with children;
  • Opportunity to use a baby bassinet on board free of charge;
  • Provision of special child seat belt for children aged 0 to 2 years;
  • Pre-ordered special meal for children aged 0 to 2 years and 2 to 12 years. On request the special meal is available at any convenient time during the flights over 3 hours (service is available for passengers of flights SU6000 – SU6999 “Rossiya Airlines” JSC).
IMPORTANT: Baby bassinets are designed for infants under the age of one year and weighing no more than 9 kg. The length of the bassinet is 75 cm.

The baby bassinet should be reserved no later than 36 hours before scheduled departure time of the flight.

Passengers of flights SU 6000-6999 have to make an inquiry by contacting  the Sales Office  or calling  the Contact Centre/

Passengers of flights FV5501-FV5900 have to send a request to the tour operator.

Baby bassinets are available on aircrafts technically equipped with necessary mounts. In case of aircraft replacement, baby bassinet is not guaranteed.

Unaccompanied minors

Children aged 5 to 12 years are accepted for carriage under “Rossiya airlines” JSC staff supervision on request of parents, adoptive parents, guardians or custodians.

Unaccompanied minor service is available only on flights SU6000 – SU6999 «Rossiya airlines» JSC.

IMPORTANT: This is a paid service. Discounts do not apply. An unaccompanied child will be charged the full applicable fare, without a child discount, and will receive the free luggage allowance applicable to that fare.

Unaccompanied child is under “Rossiya airlines” JSC responsibility since accepting the child from the legal representative upon departure to passing him to the meeting person at the airport of destination.

Unaccompanied minor service may be provided for children up to 16 years old on request of parents, adoptive parents, guardians or custodians.

The age of a child is determined according to the transportation starting date upon departure, which is marked in the airline carriage contract.

Unaccompanied minors are accepted for carriage in provision of advance booking and receipt confirming the payment for the service.

Unaccompanied minors can check-in only at the airport check-in desk.

It is necessary to present following documents at check-in:

  • Application and request forms, filled by legal representative of  an unaccompanied child;
  • ID document of the person attended the child;
  • Child’s documents:

–        birth certificate (for children – citizens of Russian Federation under 14);

–        Russian passport (for children – citizens of Russian Federation up to 14);

–        other documents, in accordance with international requirements and legislation;

On international flights the following documents are required:

–        visa or the other permits required by the country of departure/entry (if any);

–        notarized consent to travel abroad signed by parents, guardians, adoptive parents (for the child – citizen of the Russian Federation).

(In accordance with Article 20 of Federal Law No.114-FZ “On the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation” dated 15.08.1996  the notarized consent signed by parents, guardians, adoptive parents should contain the information about the dates of leaving the Russian Federation and the country(es) the child is going to visit).

NOTE: Rules of entry, leaving and transit through any country are regulated by the legislation of the appropriate country, involved in the travel rout.

Official information about documents required to enter the country/leave it or transit through is available at the embassies.

The person attended the child must remain at the airport until the flight departure. The meeting person must be at the airport of arrival at the time of aircraft landing. Mind: the meeting person should have ID documents.

*Terms and conditions of transportation on aircrafts with numbers FV5501-FV5900 may differ from the ones mentioned above. For more information, please, contact: +7 (495) 781 93 92 (“Biblio Globus”)

Open line

Dear customers, we kindly ask you to use the phone-based service for urgent cases. Rossiya airline’s Call-center multi-channel numbers are:

  • 8-800-444-5555 (free of charge for Russian Federation mobile and analog telephones)

Call-center working hours are: 24-hour service. Our address is:
Pilotov st. 18/4, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation, 196210.

In case of e-mail correspondence with Rossiya-airline’s client services, please, pay your attention at office hours:
Mon – Thu: 08:30 – 17:30 (Moscow time);
Fri: 08.30 – 16.30 (Moscow time).
Sat/Sun: Out of office.
Holidays: Out of office.

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