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Transportation of handicapped persons and passengers requiring medical care

  1. Transportation of handicapped persons and passengers requiring medical care, whose ability to move when using air transport is limited and/or whose condition requires special attention when servicing, should be agreed with the Carrier when booking the flight.
  2. In case of carrying of a handicapped person or a passenger requiring medical care, the Carrier should be provided, prior to the flight, a medical certificate containing the permission for his carriage by air transport and special requirements for transportation of such Passenger.
  3. A handicapped person who can not move by himself or a passenger requiring medical care, on the stretcher, should be accompanied by a person taking care of such passenger on board.
  4. Transportation of a passenger requiring medical care on the stretcher is allowed only in the economy-class cabin and only with accompanying person. Three seats should be booked for such passenger. Special discounts (child, youth, student, elderly, etc.) apply to a single seat only, two others should be paid for at the rate of 100% of the applicable economy-class fare. If a passenger can not be moved from the stretcher to the seat, the possibility of his transportation is agreed in advance between the Carrier and a person accompanying such passenger.
  5. For the handicapped persons and passengers requiring medical care, medicines, wheelchair carried in the cabin, crutches are transported free of charge and are no included in the free baggage allowance. A passenger carried with the electric wheelchair is allowed for carriage with the accompanying person, and the electric wheelchair shall be carried on the aircraft as normal checked-in baggage.
  6. Transportation of handicapped persons and passengers requiring medical care is subject to the condition that the Carrier is in no way responsible to the Passenger for any consequences of the carriage, which is supported by the warranty of the Passenger.
  7. For the purpose of safety of the flight, compliance with engineering or operating requirements, the Carrier may limit or reject the transportation of handicapped persons and passengers requiring medical care on any of its flights, even with qualified accompanying person.

Carriage of visually- and hearing-impaired passengers

  1. In case of carriage of a visually — or hearing-impaired passenger, the Carrier should be provided with the respective documents (pension certificate, certificate of special training of the guide dog).
  2. A visually — or hearing-impaired passenger is carried only accompanied by another person or a guide dog. If no accompanying person is available, an agent, when booking a seat for a visually — or hearing-impaired passenger, should inform the Carrier about it to ensure assistance for such passenger during checking-in and delivery to the aircraft.
  3. When a visually — or hearing-impaired passenger flies accompanied by his guide dog, the dog may be carried free of charge in the economy-class cabin in addition to the free baggage allowance. The passenger shall have the document confirming the special training of the guide dog and possession of it, the dog should have the collar, muzzle. Passenger with the dog is assigned seats in the rear part of the passenger cabin, and the dog should be bound to the seat near the legs of the passenger it accompanies.

Transportation of pregnant women

  1. Pregnant women are transported only if the term does not exceed 30 weeks and if there is no peril of preterm delivery. Information about agreement of air transportation with the medical entity, supported by the medical certificate and document of the attending physician indicating the condition of the pregnant woman and expected date of delivery should be provided to the Carrier. Medical certificate should be made not earlier than 7 days prior to the date of departure specified in the ticket. The document of the attending physician should indicate that the flight is not contra-indicated.
  2. Transportation of a pregnant woman is subject to condition that the Carrier is in no way responsible to the Passenger for any consequences, which is supported by the warranty filled out at the check-in desk prior to the flight.

Transportation of children

  1. The age of a child is determined on the date of transportation from the airport of departure specified in the carriage document. The Carrier shall be entitled to check the age of a child.
  2. Children under 5 are carried only accompanied by an adult passenger. Children aged five to twelve may be carried accompanied by an adult passenger unaccompanied but supervised by the Carrier, if such supervision is agreed with the Carrier. Children over twelve may be carried unaccompanied by the adult passenger.
  3. A passenger may carry a child under 2 without providing a seat, free of charge, in case of domestic flights, and at the rate of 10% of the adult fare in case of international flights, unless otherwise is required by the special fare regulations. Other children under 2 going with such Passenger, and the children aged 2 to 12 are carried by tickets, for which a 50% discount is granted for adult Passenger (unless otherwise is required by the special fare regulations) and of a separate seat in the cabin, and the free baggage allowance shall apply.
  4. The ticket should contain the child’s date of birth. A passenger accompanying a child, should provide to the Carrier when purchasing a ticket and during check-in a document confirming the age of the child.
  5. In case of alteration of the route after commencement of the carriage, the ticket should be changed at the fare with a discount for a child with respect to the status (age) of the child as of the date of commencement of the carriage, even if the status (age) of the child has changed by the time of change.

Transportation of unaccompanied children

  1. Children at the age of 5 to 12, flying without parents and not entrusted to any passenger may be carried unaccompanied. Upon the request of the parents or guardians, and subject to the Carrier’s consent, such carriage may also apply to the children under 15. Unaccompanied children are accepted for transportation only after filling out and signing by the parents or guardians of the «Unaccompanied child carriage agreement». Unaccompanied children are allowed to be carried only when there is a confirmed booking for all sections of the route.
  2. For the carriage of unaccompanied child aged 5 to 12, a 100% adult passenger fare applies. The Carrier provides the child with an individual seat in the cabin and applies the free baggage allowance.

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