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Recommendations of doctors

No matter how the service staff tried to create a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere on board, flight conditions are objectively such that passengers sometimes experience deterioration of well-being. So, because of insufficient humidity of air in the salon, there may appear a feeling of “tightness” of the face, perspiration in the nose, throat, eyes; Because of differences in atmospheric pressure with a change in height – pain and stuffiness in the ears; Because of the accelerations that occur during acceleration, – dizziness, nausea, heaviness in the abdomen. And the already unfavorable conditions for blood vessels are exacerbated by forced long-term inactivity, because a person sits in the chair sometimes for several hours. There is an assumption that stagnant phenomena that arise in this case in the vessels of the legs, contribute to the development of deep thrombosis in frequently flying people. To reduce the risk of illness and to ease the negative effects of other factors, it is recommended to follow the advice of a doctor:

  • For air travel choose free, comfortable clothes and shoes;
  • During the flight it is more often to drink water and juices, but the use of alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee is limited, as they dehydrate the body;
  • Avoid smoking, because nicotine is bad for clotting;
  • Do not overeat before and during the flight to avoid nausea;
  • If you experience dizziness, try to focus your eyes on some immovable object, and to get rid of the feeling of stuffiness and noise in the ears, you need to suck the candy or poke;
  • It makes sense to take some simple precautionary measures, for example, apply moisturizer on face, use a spray for the nose, and those who wear contact lenses, it is probably better to remove them and put on glasses or drip some drops like “artificial tear” and t . – all this will make you feel calmer and more comfortable;
  • Sitting in the chair, try not to put a foot on the leg, creating additional pressure on the veins, but on the contrary, from time to time perform light relaxation exercises and generally change the position more often.

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