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Disabled passengers may choose the seats that best suit their needs and that comply with Civil Aviation Safety Laws.

We recommend you request your preferred seat or any other service before your flight by telling your travel agent about your special needs at least 48 hours before your flight departure.

Wheelchairs and mobility equipment are accepted as a courtesy to our passengers. If possible, passengers should use their own wheelchair as far as the aircraft door, from where it will be collected and stowed in the hold. When you reach your destination, depending on the airport, we will do our best to have your wheelchair waiting for you at the aircraft door.

Evelop cannot accept wheelchairs or mobility equipment powered by wet cell batteries.

Dogs fitted with a harness are accepted on board if accompanying people with vision or hearing impediments. To enable us to make room for your dog, we would normally allocate you the window seat by the bulkhead.

Civil Aviation Safety Laws do not permit disabled people to be seated in emergency exit rows.

If passengers travelling with the disabled person want to sit with them, they will have to book their chosen seat in advance.


Evelop permits children aged between 6 and 11 to travel as unaccompanied minors (UM). Parents or guardians must request the service here at least 72 hours before the flight and complete the forms and documentation required on arrival at the departure airport. On arrival at the destination airport, the children will only be handed over to the people named in the documentation. Parents or guardians must remain in the departure airport until the aircraft has taken off. This service incurs an extra charge of 50 euros per journey.
The Mexican Government has implemented a system to control the exit of children abroad. Parents of children traveling as UM (Unacconpanied Minor) must complete the new SAM format through the website of the National Institute of Migration of Mexico.

The Dominican Government has set up a system to control the departure of children abroad. Parents of children traveling as UM (Unacconpanied Minor)must get informed through the website of the General Directorate of Migration of the Dominican Republic.
Online application:


Women in their 32nd week of pregnancy may only travel if they can show a doctor`s certificate signed within the 24 hours prior to the departure date. You will not be allowed on board from the 39th week onwards.


New-born babies may fly once they are 7 days old: please note that some countries require babies to have their own passport or birth certificate for entry. We accept baby seats as a courtesy to our passengers.

Each aircraft has special rows of seating equipped to carry babies and small children, so we ask you to tell your travel agent when you book that you`ll be travelling with an infant so we can seat you adequately.

Civil Aviation Safety Laws do not permit babies or children to be seated in emergency exit rows.


Passengers carrying animals must have a confirmed animal transport booking issued by Evelop

Evelop permits the transport of animals under excess baggage laws, with the exception of guide, hearing or other assistance dogs travelling with physically disabled people. Pets must travel in an appropriate container and will be carried in the aircraft baggage hold. Evelop authorises the transport of pets in the passenger cabin if the maximum size of the container or cage does not exceed 50x40x25 cm (20x15x10 inches) and weighs no more than 8 kilos.

The following documentation is required by all countries:

  • Health certificate and rabies vaccination certificate.
  • You must comply with government laws concerning the export, import and transport of live animals.
  • Passengers must take full responsibility for feeding and caring for the animal

To this effect, the container must be fitted with appropriate receptacles for food and water that can be filled from the outside.

If pets are carried in the aircraft hold, restrictions do not depend on the number of animals but on weight and available space in the pressurised hold area. The animal must travel in a container or cage provided by the passenger.


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