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The carriage of unaccompanied children, Passengers with Reduced Mobility, and persons with illnesses or any other persons who require special assistance may be subject to prior arrangements with the Carrier. In certain situations, the carriage shall only be performed subject to the Carrier’s prior consent. The Carrier reserves the right to require a medical certificate with regard to particular medical conditions. Acceptance for carriage of pregnant women may be subject to prior arrangement with Carrier. It is advisable for Passengers to inform the Carrier of their disability or of any need for special assistance when making their Reservation. Should a request for special assistance be made following Reservation or in accordance with the applicable regulations, less than 48 hours prior to departure, the Carrier will do everything in its power to fulfil the request pursuant to the applicable regulations, taking particular account of the time frame and the specific nature of the assistance requested, however, the Carrier cannot guarantee that the special requirements will be met, and in such case, the Carrier reserves the right not to provide carriage should such in ability pose a threat to the flight, aircraft, crew, other passengers or the passenger themselves. Should this be the case, the Carrier shall not incur any liability as a result. The passenger and any person accompanying this person shall be offered the right to reimbursement or re-routing as provided in the present terms and conditions. Alternatively, should the Carrier consent to the boarding of the Passenger despite the inability to meet the special assistance of the Passenger, and the Passenger accepts boarding despite the Carriers inability to provide the Special Assistance requested, the Carrier will not be liable for any damage or discomfort incurred by the passenger during barding and/or disembarking the aircraft or en route. Should the Passenger, when checking in or boarding, require special assistance for which a request has not timely and in accordance with this Article been made, then the Carrier has the right to refuse the Passenger.


If a Passenger requires a special meal, they must enquire as to the availability thereof when making the Reservation (and/or changing a Reservation) or within the time limits published by the Carrier for this purpose. Otherwise, the Carrier cannot guarantee the presence of said special meal on board the flight concerned.


If a Passenger has a medical background or a specific medical condition which may be affected by travelling in a pressurized cabin, it is recommended that the Passenger consults a doctor before taking a flight, particularly a long-haul flight, and take all necessary precautions for their flight to take place without incident.


If the Passenger fails to inform the Carrier of a mental or physical condition, or incapacity within the meaning of Article 1, and in connection with that condition the Carrier diverts the aircraft to an unscheduled place of destination, the Carrier is entitled to recover the reasonable costs of the diversion and other related costs from the Passenger, unless in case of Force Majeure on the side of the Passenger.


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Tus Airways Special Assistance

Tus Airways Special Assistance
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